chii2018: the meeting point of the international hyperspectral imaging scene

For the third year, the hyperspectral imaging pioneer Perception Park invites experts and users from all over the world to the chii conference in Graz to discuss the latest developments in this technology and their use in industrial applications. The world’s only conference with a clear industry focus on the ground-breaking possibilities of hyperspectral image processing unites all stakeholders of this technology for interdisciplinary exchange.

chii2018 is based on three pillars: during the morning session on both conference days, the Collaboration Forum will feature 10-minute presentations by numerous industry representatives, providing a compact, well-founded overview of the latest developments in hyperspectral imaging.

The workshop on day 1 will be delivered by the European Machine Vision Association – EMVA and will deal with the topic “Characterization and Evaluation of Multi- and Hyperspectral Imaging Systems“.

An exhibition will run alongside the conference in which experts in industrial hyperspectral imaging present their latest technologies and allow visitors to experience these first hand.

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