Become an EMVA 1288 Expert – New EMVA-Certification on two levels

For almost ten years release 3 of the EMVA 1288 standard has been available for an objective and application-oriented characterization of industrial cameras and is being used worldwide. Today the rapid and error-free development of new cameras is no longer conceivable without accompanying EMVA 1288 measurement.

New EMVA 1288 Certification Program

The way the EMVA 1288 standard is structured makes its application as simple as possible. However, image sensors and industrial cameras are complex systems. Their best possible use is not managable without appropriate knowledge. EMVA therefore offers, in cooperation with member companies, training courses on the practical application of the standard, which can be combined with certification examinations on two levels: “Expert” and “User” level.

The next trainings for the EMVA 1288 Expert Level are:

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