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EMVA announces change of conference venue 12 – 14 May 2022

2022 EMVA Business Conference in Brussels, Belgium

EMVA plans in-person conference and counts on safe conditions in Belgium

After two years of having shifted the EMVA annual highlight event to a virtual format, the EMVA Board and Management are looking forward to a ‘normal’ EMVA Business Conference in 2022. Considering the low vaccination rates in Bulgaria the originally planned destination Sofia now has been changed to Brussels, capital of the Belgium Kingdom.

We are very convinced, that Belgium in general, and the still to be choosen conference hotel in specific, offer safe conditions with view to the ongoing pandemic‘, commented Thomas Lübkemeier, EMVA General Manager, the taken decision. ‘Based on choosing Brussels we are looking forward to welcome the European machine vision community and after all these months also the business leaders from abroad again.

The conference program will address up-to-date technical topics as well as relevant management, marketing and/or leadership issues. Use cases and a panel discussion will give further interesting insights.

Last but surely not least, the conference will provide plenty of excellent networking opportunities during the evening events or by means of pre-scheduled face-to-face meetings in the conference break-out sessions.

Reduced Early-Bird fees available until 31 December 2021 only

Digital Conference for Machine Vision

inVISION Days 2021

inVISION magazine – together with the EMVA and VISION fair as event partners – will host a three-day online conference from November 30 to December 2, 2021, with 30 presentations, three panel discussions, three keynotes and six startup pitches. Participation in the inVISION Days webinars is free of charge. To provide an overview of the latest developments in the machine vision industry, the conference is divided into three topics:

  • Cameras (November 30th): Cameras – Optics – High Speed Vision
  • Embedded Vision & AI (December 1st): Deep Learning & AI – Smart Cameras – Embedded Vision
  • World of 3D (December 2nd): Robot Vision – Profile Sensors – Bin Picking

In three sessions (each with three to four presentations), one keynote and one panel discussion per day, vision market leaders will demonstrate the possibilities of today’s and tomorrow’s vision products and systems. Following companies are part of the inVISION Days. Read more ›

EMVA welcomes new member

Enli Technology Co Ltd

Enlitech is the leading company in photon-electron conversion inspection field and invests more than 10 years in the non-destructive and optical inspection technology on CIS and CCM.
Enlitech provides complete testing solutions covering the whole industry chain, including CIS wafer, CIS die, CIS chip, CIS module, and CIS camera. Application fields cover CCD and CMOS image sensors in mobile phone, automobile, aerospace, defense, and scientific camera field.
Enlitech’s system can de-convolute the digital images back to the analog properties, such as quantum efficiency, spectral response, system gain K, Dynamic Range (DR), PRNU, DRNU, Linearity Error LE, and Chief-Ray-Angle (CRA). Read more ›

FRAMOS Online Training
Characterization of a CMOS camera

Reworked version of “Characterization of a CMOS Camera, Hands-On”

Get your seat now for the online training taking place 24 – 25 November 2021. Speaker is Prof. Dr. Albert Theuwissen, one of the most excellent and renowned experts in the … Read more ›

Official Opening of Cleanroom by H.E. Minister Hilde Crevits

The new cleanroom enables Xenics to produce sensors with adequate quality levels and in the right volumes, now and in the years to come. Paul Ryckaert, Xenics CEO states: “In this way, Xenics, a Flemish company, can continue to play a worldwide leading role in the design, manufacture and sales of key high-tech components that have a significant impact on many aspects of our day-to-day lives.” Read more ›

AI-based quality inspection for the automotive industry together with Innovision

The task could not have been more difficult. Shiny metallic joint pins had to be subjected to a comprehensive quality inspection in one step. A customer from the automotive industry wanted to inspect both the shiny exterior and the interior rounding of pivot bolts and axle journals for flawlessness. No easy task.  Read more ›

3D Vision System Nets the Right Tuna

Matrox AltiZ high-fidelity 3D profile sensor powers TUNASCAN vision system, sorting up to 20 tons of tuna per hour with accuracy rates approaching 100%.

Headquartered in Spain, Marexi Marine Technology Co. has been a leader in marine technology for more than 15 years. Their expertise is developing optical scanning systems for marine species built on machine vision. Servicing large industry leaders in fishing, canning, and aquaculture sectors, Marexi helps customers achieve a competitive advantage by improving their industrial processes.  Read more ›

Teledyne DALSA
16k multifield TDI camera captures multiple images in a single scan

Teledyne DALSA is pleased to announce that its Linea™ HS 16k Multifield TDI camera is in volume production.
The Linea HS 16k Multifield can capture up to three images simultaneously in a single scan using light sources at different wavelengths. Its charge-domain CMOS TDI sensor with 16k x (64+128+64) TDI arrays and a 5×5 μm pixel size, uses advanced wafer-level coated dichroic filters with minimal spectral crosstalk to spectrally isolate the three images.
The camera also comes with high-speed CLHS interface, delivering up to 8.4 Gigapixels per second over a single and long length fiber optic cable.
Read more ›

Gocator® Smart 3D Laser Line Profilers Received Official Universal Robots Certification

LMI Technologies (LMI) is proud to announce that its family of Gocator® Smart 3D Laser Line Profile Sensors has officially been certified for integration with Universal Robots.
Universal Robots (UR) is the market leader in collaborative robot arms (called cobots) targeting companies of all sizes. Their easy-to-use and cost-efficient UR3, UR5, UR10, UR 16, and UR e-series models are deployed in several thousand production environments around the world today—in key factory automation applications such as pick-and-place, quality inspection, and packaging and palletizing.
Read more ›

Acrylic Polarizers

MidOpt introduces the first Acrylic Polarizer, an innovative design that’s thicker and more rugged than the current polarizer film on the market, and more affordable than glass polarizers. It offers superior glare reduction and because of the acrylic base, it also serves as a protective window and can be enhanced with a variety of coatings, including oleophobic, anti-reflection, and hard coat. The MidOpt Acrylic Polarizer can be placed over the light source, lens, or camera; is available in linear and wire-grid styles; and can be custom sized in thicknesses from 1-3mm. Read more ›

Nuvo-8000 Platform

Neousys’ Nuvo-8000 platform is built for high-volume automated inspections. Featuring PoE+, USB Gen1 and Gen2 for cameras; PCIe for graphics card; PCI slots for function expansion; mPCIe sockets for wireless modules; and -25°C to 60°C true wide-temperature operations, it is ideal for accurate detection automation and demanding environments. Built with AI capability, find out how it can solve various powder metallurgy inspection drawbacks such as worker availability, consistency, accuracy, and environmental challenges. Read more ›

FPGA-based accelerator for embedded vision with MIPI and new MIPI cameras with ToF, SWIR and Pregius sensors

Vision Components has developed an FPGA-based accelerator for edge preprocessing of image data in embedded vision projects with MIPI camera modules. The hardware accelerator with multiple MIPI-CSI-2 inputs and outputs enables complex image processing and image data analysis. The compact board can merge data from several MIPI cameras. It manages complex algorithms and computing operations thanks to a powerful, freely programmable FPGA. Read more ›    

Upcoming Highlights
As the organization of and participation in events in the near future are currently subject to significant disruption in the context of Covid-19, we monitor the situation closely and we will inform you of any cancellation, necessary arrangements, planned postponement, or alternative forms of holding our EMVA events.

EMVA Spotlight Series
Event #2

18 November 2021
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Framos Online Training

24 – 25 November 2021
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inVISION Days 2021

30 Nov – 2 Dec 2021
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