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MAY 2021

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EMVA Business Conference Special Edition 2021
Industry Leaders Share Their Thoughts

The EMVA Business Conference Special Edition 2021 will take place 10-11 June 2021 in an online event format.

EMVA’s event team has recently started to publish details of its annual highlight conference and networking event by announcing SPEAKERS and PROGRAM.

Panel Discussion ‘Industry 4.0: Emerging from the Early Years’

The EMVA is honored to announce Dr. Gunther Kegel, CEO at Pepperl+Fuchs and President of the German ZVEI, Dr. Roman Dumitrescu, Director at Fraunhofer IEM and heading the technology cluster ‘it’s OWL’ and Dr. Thomas Scheiter, Head of Technology Field ‘IoT’ at Siemens, sharing their tremendous expertise in automation and Industry 4.0 in specific.
The panel will be moderated by EMVA Board Member Dr. Kai-Udo Modrich, Head of ZEISS Inline Inspection & Metrology .

Panel Discussion
‘Machine Vision in a Global Pandemic: Impact and Opportunity’

The panel discussion at the first conference day counts on machine vision VIPs. With Arne Dehn, CEO at Stemmer Imaging, Dr. Dietmar Ley, CEO at Basler and Max Hodeau, CEO at Tiama Inspection, the panel represents decades of experience in the Vision Tech industry combined with outstanding technical and management knowledge.
The discussion on how Corona has impacted our industry will be moderated by expert and insider Dr. Peter Ebert, Editor-in Chief at the inVision magazine.

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VISION COMPONENTS marks 25th anniversary

The German embedded vision pioneer Vision Components celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2021.

The year was duly kicked off with a major product launch: VC picoSmart, currently the world’s smallest embedded vision system. The anniversary will also be marked by a webinar series and a hackaton under the motto, ‘There must be a better way to do this’ – a mindset that has always driven product development in the company. In 1995, CEO Michael Engel developed and presented the world’s first industrial-grade smart camera. Founding the company in the year after and taking up series production, he profoundly changed the machine vision market.

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EMVA welcomes new member

Imalligent Technology

Imalligent technology, founded in 2015, is a well-known domestic manufacturer of machine vision products, specializing in the production, R & D and sales of machine vision products. Since the establishment of the enterprise, it has deeply cultivated the practical problems encountered by users at the application level, combined with 3D machine vision innovation technology, to provide users with the most landing visual solutions. Read more

Generational change in Executive and Supervisory Boards

After twenty years as Chairman of the Executive Board, Dr. Robert Bauer will leave SICK AG on 30 September 2021. It is foreseen that he will lead the Supervisory Board of SICK AG from May 2022, taking over from Klaus M. Bukenberger, who has been its Chairman for many years.
Dr. Mats Gökstorp, responsible for the Products & Marketing portfolio, will follow Dr. Bauer as Chairman of the Executive Board from 1 October 2021. At the same time, Dr. Niels Syassen will join SICK AG’s Executive Board and take over Dr. Bauer’s responsibility for the Technology & Digitalization portfolio.
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Intelligent Multi-Camera System for Quality Control of Vaccine Bottles

Combating the Covid-19 pandemic is at the top of the global agenda. Around the world, efforts are being made to supply the population with vaccine as quickly as possible. But providing around 8 billion doses – at least one for every person in the world – is no easy task. Glass vials are a crucial factor in the delivery of the billions of doses of vaccine. About 50 billion of them are produced worldwide every year.
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Innovative camera technology for KTM X-BOW super sports cars

Instead of classic side mirrors, the new KTM X-Bow GTX rand GT-2 rely on a latency-free camera monitor system (CMS) from Kappa optronics. The high-tech system with two cameras and two screens on the right and the left of the vehicle respectively in the cockpit is aerodynamically optimized. This absolute latest technology is designed specifically for the requirements of race cars, but will also be approved for road traffic. Read more ›

Solutions for industrial SDI-USB/HDMI video capture and conversion

Upgrade without replacing your entire vision infrastructure

The BlueBird SDI-USB3 Adapter is designed for format conversion of 3G-SDI, HD-SDI and HD-VLC video streams; it operates as a USB/HDMI/SDI converter and external frame grabber for video streaming and video capture.
It provides a quick and cost-effective solution for industrial vision systems with SDI cameras where a frame grabber or accompanying software is no longer supported or going obsolete. Read more ›

Make a spot landing with training on EMVA 1288

Release 4.0 of the standard for objective camera and image sensor characterization is expected to become finally effective in June. That is why now is an excellent moment to acquire in-depth knowledge about this standard during an intensive training held by the chair of the EMVA 1288 working group. Read more ›

IRSX Simulator: The Optimal Tool For Testing The AT Infrared Camera

With the IRSX Simulator, AT – Automation Technology has recently developed an optimal software tool to simulate the IRSX smart infrared camera with all its functions on the computer. This development has several advantages: The customer can familiarize himself with the infrared camera even before the actual use of the hardware and there is the possibility to extensively test, develop and optimize measurement plans completely independent of the infrared camera.
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29×29 mm cameras with Sony Pregius S sensors up to 24 MP

Baumer is expanding its CX series with the 4th Sony CMOS sensor generation Pregius S with up to 24 megapixel resolution. Thanks to a pixel size of mere 2.74 µm and backside illumination pixel architecture, the camera has a very compact design of 29×29 mm and offers very high resolutions with excellent image quality and improved sensitivity for stable image evaluations. For example, detailed surface inspections can be carried out or increasingly small objects measured. Read more ›

The worker assistance system for manual production tasks – ifm mate

High assembly variance, fluctuation and complex process sequences lead to a permanently high need for training in manual production – combined with an equally high commitment of resources when the experienced colleagues support the new ones with advice and assistance. That is commendable but – hand on heart – also not very economical. Read more ›

High flexibility in a small space with the new LUMIMAX® LR45 ring light series

With the LR45 series, another high-performance high-power ring light from LUMIMAX® is now available.

The lights distinguish themselves in particular by their extremely compact design and can be used even in challenging industrial environments. Read more ›

Launch of Second Generation of Autonomous Machine Vision Systems

Inspekto, the global company that pioneered Autonomous Machine Vision, has launched the INSPEKTO S70 Gen.2, a new and improved version of its famous Autonomous Machine Vision (AMV) system for industrial quality inspection.

Powered by Autonomous Machine Vision AI (AMV-AI), the S70 Gen.2 supports an even higher number of use cases and allows for reliable quality inspection in challenging applications such as highly reflective materials, moving parts and vibrating platforms.
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R5602 Series, New Analog Front-end IC for Monitoring 4- to 7-cell Li-ion/Li-polymer Battery Cell Voltages

Ricoh Electronics Devices Co., Ltd. has launched the R5602 series, an analog front-end IC suitable for use in monitoring 4- to 7-cell battery’s cell voltages.

Battery protection has been becoming more important to ensure safety in applications using Li-ion batteries such as power tools, cleaners, electric assist bicycles, E-bikes, drones, power storages, etc. On the other hand, as operation control is becoming more complicated, an increasing number of these applications have come to adopt protection by the combination of an MCU and an analog front-end IC (hereafter, AFE) instead of conventional protective methods by hardware. Read more ›

BP450 and BN450 Indigo Bandpass Filter

Enhance viewing of subjects illuminated by a 450nm blue LED or laser light source.

MidOpt® introduces the BP450 Indigo Bandpass and the BN450 Narrow Indigo Bandpass, two new filters designed for multi-application use.

The MidOpt BP450 Indigo Bandpass Filter is commonly used in fluorescence applications with an emission ranging from (430-460nm). It is suitable for use with LED or laser diodes with higher than normal ambient lighting conditions.
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Launch of HD Event-Based Vision evaluation kit

Prophesee today announced the availability of a comprehensive evaluation kit (EVK) to provide machine vision system developers with full performance evaluation of the breakthrough engineering revision of the Event-Based Vision sensor which was co-developed with Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation and announced at ISSCC in February 2020. Read more ›

New 2k and 4k line scan cameras deliver industry-leading performance in a compact package

Teledyne Imaging launches the Linea™ Lite family of line scan cameras built for a wide range of machine vision applications.
The new Linea Lite cameras feature a 45% smaller footprint than the original Linea. Based on a new proprietary CMOS image sensor from Teledyne Imaging, it expands on the success of the original series of low-cost, high-value Linea line scan cameras.
Designed to suit many applications, the Linea Lite offers customers a choice between high full well mode or high responsivity mode, via easy to configure gain settings. Read more ›

New X-ray cameras based on sCMOS replacing KAI family of CCD sensors

Last year marked another step in the slow discontinuation of CCD sensors. The biggest impact had the announcement of End of Life status for large format KAI sensors from ON Semiconductor (originally from Kodak and later Truesense) like the 11 Mpix KAI-11002, 16 Mpix KAI-16000 or KAI-16070 and 29 Mpix KAI-29052. XIMEA was utilizing these sensors among others in the family of compact X-ray cameras called xiRAY.

To offer equivalent or even better substitutes, the XIMEA team started working on several replacement models. These models include cameras with direct phosphor imaging or simply X-ray cameras where the scintillator is coupled with the sensor and in certain cases Taper.

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Upcoming Highlights
As the organization of and participation in events in the near future are currently subject to significant disruption in the context of Covid-19, we monitor the situation closely and we will inform you of any cancellation, necessary arrangements, planned postponement, or alternative forms of holding our EMVA events.

WIN>DAYS – the virtual industry event

7 – 9 June 2021
Online Event
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EMVA Business Conference –
Special Edition 2021

10 – 11 June 2021
Online Event
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EMVA1288 Hands-on Training

21 – 23 June 2021
Online Event, AEON
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Vision 2021

5 – 7 October 2021
Stuttgart, Germany
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European Machine Vision Association , Gran Vía de Carles III 84 (planta 3ª), 08028 Barcelona, Spain

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