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MAY 2019

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Welcome to the EMVA newsletter! Each month it provides hands-on information on machine vision in Europe and the world. Find out about the latest projects of the EMVA, innovative products, what’s going on in the machine vision industry and interesting events.

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EMVA Business Conference 2019
Copenhagen received machine vision community

More than 120 attendees and guests from 16 countries came together for the 17th edition of EMVA’s annual Business Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The well-balanced program treated topics such as ‘Vision and Robotics’, ‘Processor Technology’, ‘Line Confocal Technology’, ‘Illumination Methods’, the Danish and Chinese markets, Standards like OPC UA and more.

This year’s panel discussion offered insights to the question: ‘Embedded Vision – How will it impact our future?

Last but not least, the 2019 winner of the Young Professional Award, Dr. Johannes Meyer, was invited to present his honored work.

The present machine vision leaders and professionals used the excellent networking opportunities by attending 100+ prescheduled face-to-face meetings and also the social side events like the Thursday Get-together or the Saturday Networking Tour. Read more ›

In 2020 the 18th edition will take place 25 – 27 June in Sofia, Bulgaria.


EMVA Young Professional Award

The EMVA Young Professional Award 2019 goes to Dr. Johannes Meyer, for his work “Light Field Methods for the Visual Inspection of Transparent Objects”.

Johannes Meyer, age 31, received his bachelor’s and master’s degree in computer science from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT, Germany in 2012, respectively, in 2014. He has been working as a research scientist in close cooperation between the Vision and Fusion Laboratory of the KIT and the Visual Inspection Systems department of the Fraunhofer Institute of Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation IOSB, Germany.

In 2018, he obtained a PhD in computer science from the KIT. Since 2019 he is working for ITK Engineering in the field of computer vision. Read more ›

European Machine Vision Forum
Early Bird Registration ends June 14 –
last tables in the exhibition area available

The 4th edition of EMVA’s European Machine Vision Forum is taking place 5-6 September in the Palais de la Bourse, Lyon, France. The forum offers the perfect platform where Research meets Industry and the focal topic this time is ‘Photonics and Machine Vision: Going Deep into Integration‘.

To get an impression about the forum please take a look at topics treated in previous editions:

Find all further details and registration at



Member News

JAI A/S – New hiring in EMEA

JAI is strengthening its sales and consulting support in Europe by hiring Jochen M. Braun as new Senior Director of Sales with responsibility for the EMEA region. (picture left)

JAI has also hired Michael Ross as new Sales Manager being responsible for customer consultancy and sales primarily in the Northern part of Germany, but will also serve selected markets outside Germany in the European region. (picture right)
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Teledyne DALSA, Teledyne e2v and Teledyne Princeton offices merging to position for future growth in Japan and Asia

Image Teledyne e2v, Teledyne DALSA and Teledyne Princeton Instruments are pleased to announce a new combined office space in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. The occasion was marked with an Office Opening Ceremony on May 22, 2019. Teledyne e2v, Teledyne DALSA and Teledyne Princeton Instruments are part of the Teledyne Imaging Group and are represented by the local Japan entity Teledyne Japan.

“We are delighted to be merging offices with Teledyne e2v and Teledyne Princeton Instruments. Coming together enable us to jointly expand our scale of operation under the new Teledyne Imaging group,” stated Barry Roth, Director of Teledyne DALSA. “Moving ahead as one company focused on putting people at the center of every collaboration experience. Teledyne Imaging now offers an unparalleled portfolio of integrated and intelligent vision solutions that spans sensor, camera, frame grabber, sub-system and intelligent device.”
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Characterization of a CMOS Camera – Hands-On Training

This training is focusing on the extraction of all performance data of a solid-state camera without knowing what is inside the camera. The techniques learned are ideally suited to check what your competitor is doing or to benchmark the performance of your own camera with other products out in the market.

16. – 17.10.2019
Munich, Germany
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STEMMER IMAGING acquires Infaimon

Image STEMMER IMAGING AG is systematically continuing on its international growth trajectory. To this end, the Group has implemented an essential strategic plan of its expansion strategy with the agreement to acquire the Spanish company Infaimon S.L., a provider of software and hardware for machine vision and robotics.

Under the agreement, STEMMER IMAGING will pay a sum in the low tens of millions of euros for the acquisition of all shares in the group. The Management Board of STEMMER IMAGING AG expects the acquisition to result in an additional revenue contribution of around EUR 18 million and an EBITDA contribution of around EUR 3 million in the 2019/2020 financial year. Subject to approval by the antitrust authorities, consolidation is planned starting from 1 July 2019.
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Case Study

High-tech Cheese Protection:
Heat-sealed joint inspection with hyperspectral imaging


Bergader Privatkäserei, established in 1902, relies on state-of-the-art technology as well as traditional craftsmanship in the manufacture of its cheese specialities. A hyperspectral imaging system is being used for the first time for the packaging of the blue cheese ‘Bergader Edelpilz’.

Markus Leibold, account manager of Bergader and regional sales manager for Minebea Intec, a leading manufacturer of weighing and inspection solutions, and supplier of the new system for the inspection of heat-sealed joints says, “As far as I know there is no other food production plant in the world that uses a hyperspectral imaging system to inspect the heat-sealed joint on the packaging, thus providing 100% certainty that every single cheese package meets the requirements for air-tightness.” Markus Leibold and the development team from Minebea Intec from Aachen were present right from the start when Bergader began to consider a fully automated solution for the inspection of heat-sealed joints at its headquarters in Waging am See, Bavaria. Read more ›

Recent case studies

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AIT – xposure flash – 600kHz LED Line Light

Image AIT’s fast LED strobing technology xposure:flash is the perfect complement to xposure:camera, AIT’s 600 kHz ultra-fast line scan camera. The use of ultra-fast strobing can transform a single camera into a multispectral, multichannel and photometry acquisition system.
There is a trend in industrial inspection systems towards the simultaneous acquisition of more information. Even faster cameras with an increasing number of pixels are only one part of the solution. Adding high speed illumination can make more of these powerful cameras. xposure:flash was specifically designed for industrial inline inspection. Read more ›

FRAMOS adds new sensor modules and a multi-sensor platform for new applications to its embedded vision product ecosystem

Image Framos is expanding its embedded vision product ecosystemfrom June 2019 with six new modules for CMOS sensors from Sony and ON Semiconductor. With a multi-sensor platform, FRAMOS is launching a completely new solution to support stereo, dual stereo and all-round applications. The new platform now allows the connection of up to four sensor modules to the NVIDIA Jetson TX2 development kit or alternatively to the Jetson AGX Xavier development kit for high-end applications. Read more ›

INNOMILES – QIN-i3 7100 Industrial Vision

Image Cost Minimized-Benefits optimized

To assist you in assembling the machine vision PC or the entire image processing system, the QIN-I3 7100 will ensure you get the complete system that delivers high reliability and performance. After installation and start-up, we are of course available as a central contact partner for servicing your machine vision system.

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JAI introduces 4-CMOS prism based RGB + NIR line scan camera with 10 GigE interface

Image JAI has added a second 10 GigE prism line scan camera to its Sweep+ Series. The Sweep+ SW-4000Q-10GE is equipped with four prism-mounted CMOS sensors and a 10 GigE interface that also supports backwards compatibility to 5 Gbps, 2.5 Gbps, and 1 Gbps Ethernet standards. The 4-CMOS prism design simultaneously captures red, green, blue, and near infrared spectral wavebands for both high color accuracy and multi-spectral analysis via the NIR channel. Read more ›

LUCID VISION LABS adds On-Camera Polarization Processing and Software Visualization Tools

Image LUCID Vision Labs has released on-camera polarization processing and software visualization tools to further enhance polarized imaging applications.

A new firmware update for the 5.0 MP Triton™ polarization cameras featuring Sony’s Polarsens™ IMX250MZR sensor now delivers on-camera polarization processing, new polarized pixel formats and polarized channel balancing controls. These new features eliminate the need for user software processing and enable users to directly deploy the camera with third party software. The same capability is coming soon on the Phoenix camera with the Sony IMX250MZR image sensor. Read more ›

OPTO – New Digital Profile Projector

Image For High Resolution Bi-Telecentric Profile Measurement for Quality Control Opto developed the Telecentric Profile Projector 1:1 digital.
It creates high-performance thread images without any optical artifacts in contrast to a common telecentric measurement setup and is the latest module of Opto’s Imaging Modules called IM•profile M ECO USB3.1.

Opto‘s Imaging Modules is a group of integrated ‘plug and play‘ imaging devices, featuring an optimised combination of onboard camera, optics, illumination, and electronic control interface that together deliver a perfect image first time – every time for virtually any imaging application. Read more ›

PLEORA introduces Modular, Scalable Sensor Networking Platform for Real-Time Military Imaging Systems

ImagePleora Technologies introduced a ruggedized sensor networking platform that helps manufacturers and system integrators reduce cognitive burden and increase mission-effectiveness for end-users while meeting interoperability and scalability demands in size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C) sensitive real-time military imaging applications
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DFLW-200-4Z Dark Field Washdown Ring Light

Image Smart Vision Lights introduced its new DFLW-200-4Z Dark Field Washdown Ring Light at the Automate 2019 conference.SVL’s latest washdown light is available in stainless steel or anodized black aluminum housings. Both options are IP68 rated and specially designed for food industry and washdown environments where water and harsh detergents are present.
RM75-4Z Zone Ring LightThe DFLW-200-4Z light features a unique microlens turning film that directs LED light beams at a 25º angle toward the object under inspection. This innovative design gives the large-diameter dark field ring light an extended working distance while maintaining light intensity and uniformity. Read more ›

New high resolution EXO cameras with up to 31 megapixel

Image SVS-Vistek adds to its extensive industrial camera range of high-resolution USB3 cameras with small-form factor: In the first quarter of 2019, the company will be introducing ten new USB3 models of the EXO camera series (exo342, exo367, exo387) with resolutions of 31, 19 and 17 megapixels that are all based on the newest generation of Sony’s Pregius 2 CMOS sensors. These new sensors with large, square pixels of 3.45 µm edge length are very light sensitive and offer an extremely high dynamic range.

The CMOS sensors of the EXO Series can be operated with numerous cost-effective lenses. With their front-panel section of 58 x 58 mm, the new product introductions ideally cover sensor sizes up to APS-C and Four-Thirds. Read more ›

Teledyne DALSA
New high-speed and high-sensitivity Linea HS TDI camera for vision applications

Image Teledyne DALSA announced that its newest charge-domain CMOS TDI camera–the Linea HS─is in volume production. Based on a multi-array TDI sensor architecture, the 16k camera offers 300 kHz line rate or 5 GPix/sec data throughput for high-performance imaging applications such as flat panel display, PCB and wafer inspection, gene sequencing, digital pathology, and web inspection.
The Linea HS family offers versatile capabilities for monochrome/HDR, multifield™, and super resolution imaging in light-starved conditions. For the monochrome model, the sensor has two arrays. The main array has 128 stages, while the secondary array has 64 stages. Read more ›

New MIPI camera modules for immediate supply!

Image These high-end boards meet industrial standards and are available in large quantities at consumer prices. OEMs can choose from various global shutter and rolling shutter sensors and implement their imaging tasks with powerful CPU boards to take advantage of rapid developments in the consumer market. VC MIPI cameras are compatible with more than 20 CPU boards from various manufacturers such as Raspberry Pi and NVIDIA.

The hi-tech components are designed for easy integration and maintenance-free operation. They are 100 % developed and manufactured in Germany.
Read more ›

Ventum 2.8/21: High Precision from a Bird’s Eye View

Image With the release of the ZEISS Ventum 2.8/21, ZEISS presents a particularly lightweight wide-angle lens that enables long-range shots that are rich in detail. The focus is on the use of drones.

“To enable more efficient workflows for industrial customers, the ZEISS Ventum 2.8/21 had to be compact and lightweight without compromising on quality,” says Michael Pollmann, product manager at ZEISS. “Thanks to its special design with a fixed focus, the ZEISS Ventum 2.8/21 weighs just half that of the comparable ZEISS Interlock Compact 2.8/21.”

Thanks to its low weight, the drone consumes less energy and can remain airborne for longer.
Read more ›

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Research Associate for FPGA Design and Implementation (m/f/o)


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Upcoming Highlights


Laser World of Photonics

24 – 27 June 2019
Munich, Germany
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European Machine Vision Forum

5 – 6 September 2019
Lyon, France
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Measurement World

24 – 26 September 2019
Paris, France
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Embedded VISION Europe

24 – 25 October 2019
Stuttgart, Germany
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