March 2022

MARCH 2022

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EMVA Business Conference 2022 | Brussels

More high-calibre speakers get announced

EMVA team goes ahead with introducing this year’s conference speakers.

Prof. Marco Huber in his presentation titled ‘Manufacturing meets AI: Technology Transfer in the Cyber Valley‘ will provide insights into the Cyber Valley, the technology transfer done at the AI Innovation Center and experiences from the various collaborations with manufacturing companies.
The use cases presented range from quality control to robotics to explainable AI. It is intended to demonstrate the benefits of AI in industrial production and to reduce shyness when tackling and implementing AI applications. The presentation closes with an outlook to current trends and upcoming research topics in AI.

Marco Huber is full professor with the University of Stuttgart. At the same time, he is director of the Center for Cyber Cognitive Intelligence (CCI) and the Machine Vision and Signal Processing Department at Fraunhofer IPA in Stuttgart, Germany.

What it takes to bring Industry 4.0 to life –
New Success Factors For Edge Devices

Boris Scharinger
Innovation Manager at Siemens Digital Industries

IT/OT convergence has many implications and challenges – our customers strive for ‘manageable’ and ‘managed’ devices for their mission critical environments.
This presentation anticipates several technology trends from IT management spilling over to shopfloor automation and shows how a modern edge management solution helps MV technology and solution providers to stay on top of this development.

Boris Scharinger is a senior innovation manager, technology and start-up scout in Siemens Digital Industry’s CTO team.His primary focus areas are Artificial Intelligence and High-Performance Computing.

Boris started his professional career with an academic background in Information Systems Management as an IT consultant for CSC (now DXC Technology) and joined their customer Siemens in 2004, holding a couple of IT service management related roles on divisional and global level. He became Chief IT Architect of Siemens IT division in 2008 and joined Atos as an Account CTO for a well-known Finnish high-tech customer.

Siemens hired Boris back in 2015 as a Director for corporate IT Audits in North America where he had the opportunity to dive into data analytics and cyber-security – before he joint Siemens Digital Industry.

Details may be found via SPEAKERS and AGENDA at the event web platform

Taking place at Steigenberger Wiltcher’s Brussels from 12 – 14 May 2022, the EMVA Business Conference again will be annual highlight for the Vision Tech industry.

EMVA and Khronos Group

New Camera API Working Group started

EMVA and The Khronos Group continue to strengthen their cooperative liaison to foster the creation of an open, royalty-free standard for controlling camera system runtimes in embedded, mobile, industrial, XR, automotive, and scientific markets. Both the EMVA and Khronos have a well-established history of driving standardization to enable the industry to accelerate the development and deployment of new products by reducing fragmentation.
Khronos and EMVA have been collaborating for over a year on this initiative – first with the formation of an Embedded Camera API Exploratory group in February 2021 and now as an official Khronos Camera API Working Group. Weekly meetings for the Camera API Working Group started on March 10 – and any organization is welcome to join Khronos and participate! Read more ›

EMVA welcomes new member

Emergent Vision Technologies

Emergent Vision Technologies was founded in 2007 in Vancouver, Canada. EVT is the first provider of cameras based on the 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GigE), 25 Gigabit Ethernet (25GigE), 50 Gigabit Ethernet (50GigE), and 100 Gigabit Ethernet (100GigE) interfaces.
The team comes with a vast experience in machine vision and high-speed imaging solutions from design to engineering, manufacturing, consulting, and technical support. EVT’s high-speed cameras are widely used in the areas of inspection and automation, sports technology, virtual reality, 3D mapping, traffic and more.
Headquarter is located in Canada, BC. Sales offices in Europe and Asia.

Management Change at AT: Daniel Seiler Takes Over as New CEO

His name has been well known in the machine vision industry for years, but since March 1st, Daniel Seiler has been gaining more attention at AT – Automation Technology as the new CEO of the North German technology company. In his new position, Daniel Seiler will lead the company as CEO together with CTO and founder Dr.-Ing. André Kasper.
He is thus taking over the operational tasks of the previous CEO and founder Michael Wandelt which is a challenge that the 43-year-old engineer is looking forward to with a great deal of enthusiasm and motivation: “AT’s products have enormous growth potential and I am very excited to push further development together with AT’s dedicated team. I am particularly fascinated by the fact that our 3D sensors and infrared cameras are used in almost every industry and that we have developed very exciting applications. As a result, our customers benefit from our expertise and we look forward to driving these exciting success stories forward,” explains Daniel Seiler. Read more ›

It’s a Wrap Thanks to a Pick-and-Place Robotic Vision System

Matrox Design Assistant X vision software 3D camera interfacing and analysis with recipes speeds up application development.

KINE Robotics Oy is a Finnish provider of custom turn-key robotics solutions. Their customers are in industries including food and beverage and logistics as well as semiconductor and general manufacturing. For more than 20 years they have designed, implemented, and delivered fully customized robot-based solutions to fulfil unique client requirements.
Read more ›

Camera characterization from UV to SWIR

For maximum flexibility regarding wavelengths, AEON’s ACC2 model of camera calibrator systems designed according to EMVA 1288 can be equipped with up to 14 wavelengths in the range from 308 nm to 1550 nm within the same device. Read more ›   

Reliable PCB Inspection with AT’s IRSX Smart Infrared Camera

PCBs, short for Printed Circuit Boards, are printed circuit boards that are nowadays installed in every electronic device such as mobile phones, radios or laptops. In order to meet the high demands of technical quality, reliable quality assurance is required.
A simple and highly automatable way of quality assurance is via the temperature distribution of the components: the functionality of the PCB is guaranteed if the temperature distribution of the components exactly corresponds to the predefined standard values as soon as voltage is applied. Read more ›

BFPython API provides Python Wrapper to Enable Rapid Prototyping

BitFlow, a global leader in frame grabbers for machine vision, life sciences and industrial imaging, has introduced BFPython, an application programming interface that allows engineers with Python expertise to acquire images from BitFlow’s broad range of frame grabbers. Available immediately, these Python bindings wrap the BitFlow SDK’s configuration, acquisition, buffer management and camera control APIs. The download also includes several Python examples that illustrate how bindings can be used. Read more ›   

New Nuvo-8111

Nuvo-8111 series is a cost-effective box-PC with 3 expansion slots designed specifically to support an advanced mid to high-end 200W NVIDIA® graphics card, such as an RTX 3060/ 3060 Ti, to offer stunning edge AI performance. Offering tremendous GPU power up to 20 TFLOPS in FP32 for emerging GPU-accelerated applications, they boost the performance and efficiency of factory automation, image recognition, product inspection, pick and place robots, etc.
Read more ›

Teledyne FLIR
Blackfly S GigE

The Blackfly® S leverages the industry’s most advanced sensors in an ice-cube form factor. It is packed with powerful features enabling you to easily produce the exact images you need and accelerate your application development. This includes both automatic and precise manual control over image capture and on-camera pre-processing. On-camera features including IEEE1588 clock synchronization and full compatibility with popular third-party software supporting GigE Vision, gives system designers the tools to quickly develop innovative solutions. Read more ›

Book Now: FRAMOS Online Training for Release 4.0 of the EMVA 1288 Standard

In cooperation with EMVA, FRAMOS, the global leading supplier of imaging components, is hosting another training course on the EMVA 1288 standard, exploring numerous popular innovations in the latest release 4.0. The updated online training takes place May 3-5, 2022. As there is global interest for this training, we have scheduled it over three days from 16:00-21:00 CEST, 10:00AM – 3:00PM EST, 7:00AM – 12:00PM PST. The training is designed for engineers and camera developers who perform EMVA 1288 measurements to assess the quality and performance characteristics of image sensors and industrial cameras, specifically those with extended or multimodal spectral ranges. Read more ›

Free webinar series ‘Tuesday Tech Tutorials’ hosted by Macnica ATD Europe

Renamed into ‘Tuesday Tech Tutorials’, during two Tuesdays per month in April and May both long-term and brand-new distribution partners of Macnica ATD Europe partners present their latest innovations covering semiconductors and imaging topics as well as innovative AI solutions. Participants can sign-up free of charge for each individual tutorial on the spring series of the successful webinars. Kick-off for the ‘Tuesday Tech Tutorials’ is Tuesday, 05 April 2022 featuring Espressif’s Complete IoT Solutions and SONY Low-power GNSS solutions. The full list of webinar topics and registration is available on the Macnica ATD Europe Website. Read more ›

Sony CMOS Pregius S camera models with full speed potential

XIMEA, has announced new full speed models with exceptional Sony CMOS Pregius™ S sensors.

This year’s Laser Photonics exhibition is just one month away and we are excited to show you, some of our newest innovations at our booth.
The new models from the xiX camera series, equipped with Sony’s Presgius S sensors streaming at their full speed capability will be one of the highlights presented. Read more ›

Upcoming Highlights
As the organization of and participation in events in the near future are currently subject to significant disruption in the context of Covid-19, we monitor the situation closely and we will inform you of any cancellation, necessary arrangements, planned postponement, or alternative forms of holding our EMVA events.

Laser World of Photonics
Trade fair for components, systems and
applications of photonics

26 – 29 April 2022
Munich, Germany
Visit Webseite ›

International trade fair for quality assurance

3 – 6 May 2022
Stuttgart, Germany
Visit Webseite ›

20th EMVA Business Conference

12 – 14 May 2022
Brussels, Belgium
Visit Webseite ›

European Machine Vision Association , Gran Vía de Carles III 84 (planta 3ª), 08028 Barcelona, Spain

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