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Research Meets Industry –
European Machine Vision Forum 2023

The EMVA is happy to announce that the 6th edition of the European Machine Vision Forum will take place October 12-13, 2023 in Wageningen, The Netherlands.

This time the Wageningen University & Research is EMVA’s cooperation partner and Gold Sponsor of the forum.

The EMVF is an annual event and its aim is to foster interaction between the machine vision industry and academic research to learn from each other, discuss the newest research results as well as problems from applications, learn about emerging application fields, and to discuss research cooperation between industry and academic institutes. The overall aim is to accelerate innovation by translating new re­search results faster into practice.
The forum is directed to scientists, development engineers, software and hardware engineers, and programmers both from research and Industry.

Reserve 12-13 October 2023 in your agenda right now!

News from the Standards
‘Kamaros’ is unveiled as the official name of the
Khronos / EMVA Embedded Camera System API

In March 2022, The Khronos® Group and the EMVA joined forces to establish a Khronos working group to develop an open royalty-free API standard for controlling cameras and sensors in embedded, mobile, industrial, XR, automotive, and scientific markets.
The design of the API is making significant progress and will include loadable layers and multiple language bindings as well as flexible, low-level control over camera functionality. In addition to the work on the API specification, the formal name of the initiative has now been unveiled: ‘Kamaros’ (pronounced Kam-ah-ross).

Establishing a unique and trademarkable brand in parallel with drafting the specification itself is an important part of the standardization process,” said Neil Trevett, Khronos President. “Early and consistent branding builds industry awareness and recognition that will help promote the wide adoption of Kamaros when it ships.
Kamaros evolved from an extensive exploratory process involving over 70 companies working together from March to December 2021 to forge an industry consensus on the need, terminology, scope, requirements, and design methodology for a new open standard camera system API.

Any company is welcome to join Khronos for a full voice and a vote in the evolution of the Kamaros standard. In addition, EMVA members are invited to join the Kamaros Advisory panel at no charge to provide feedback on specification drafts and design directions.

Kamaros is expected to be of particular interest to sensor and camera manufacturers, silicon vendors, embedded and mobile platform vendors, and software developers working on vision and sensor processing. Read more ›

EMVA welcomes new member
Eigen Innovations

Founded in 2012, Eigen Innovations is shaping vision for the smart factory. We develop tools and software that help manufacturers unlock the full potential of machine vision beyond quality inspection. Our software makes it easier to design, deploy and scale vision systems that collect and standardize quality and process intelligence on all products and introduce AI/ML to processes. Manufacturers are leveraging our insights and analytics to anticipate issues before they occur, helping them reduce variation, eliminate
uncertainty, and accelerate productivity.
Read more ›

EMVA welcomes new member
Hongkong Vico Technology Ltd

VICO is dedicated to promoting the development of machine vision/computer vision/digital imaging technology. The brands we distribute include COOLENS®, Carm®, Lontry®, etc., and are still expanding. Those of the most excellent quality manufactured in China in the vision area are our focus. The products involved include lenses, smart cameras, illuminations, cables, controllers, digital image test solutions, and more. Read more ›

EMVA welcomes new member

SACMI’s know-how and experience for the Control & Vision Systems dates back to 1987 and
includes a comprehensive offer for a cutting-edge range of products and technologies for the quality and process controls within the Group’s business areas but also in new sectors outside the traditional industries. Computer vision and advanced sensors have been our goals in the recent years and the developments in which we are investing our research.
Read more ›

IWR offers industry relevant events

In 2023 EMVA member IWR at Heidelberg University offers a number of events highly relevant to connect the Machine Vision Industry with the German Research Community: Three one-day events of the Heidelberg Image Processing Forum, the first on 7 March 2023 at Hochschule Aalen on “Modern Optical Components for Machine Vision”, Go to event › , and an industry fair at the 2023 German Conference on Pattern Recognition in Heidelberg 19 – 22 September 2023, Go to event ›

Perfectly placed thermal pads

Malaysia-based company Rimburgs is a specialist in automation customization for machineries and equipment and has gained great experience over many years in the optimal design of inspection systems for the electronics industry. In a recent project, the company implemented an inspection system for a customer to verify that a thermal pad previously placed on an aluminum heat sink and attached with adhesive was present and applied at the intended position. Read more ›

4K Imaging with IP Connectivity

Active Silicon have combined high resolution imaging and networking capability with theintroduction of their Harrier 23x AF-Zoom IP 4K Camera.
This new addition to the Harrier series is a compact autofocus-zoom Ethernet camera with real-time 4K video output and 23x optical zoom. It features an 8.3MP Sony CMOS sensor and provides very low-latency H.265/H.264 video output. Active Silicon is providing samples for testing by drone and ROV manufacturers, law enforcement agencies and even a company monitoring industrial gas leaks. Read more ›

Teledyne E2V
Hydra3D+, the first high resolution ToF sensor to work in all light conditions without motion artefacts

Teledyne e2v announces the release of its Hydra3D+, a new Time-of-Flight (ToF) CMOS image sensor which incorporates 832 x 600 pixel resolution and is tailored for versatile 3D detection and measurement.
Designed with Teledyne e2v’s proprietary CMOS technology, Hydra3D+ features a brand-new 10 µm three-tap pixel which provides very fast transfer times (starting from 10ns), and displays high sensitivity in the NIR wavelength, alongside excellent demodulation contrast. This precise combination enables the sensor to operate in real-time without …
Read more ›

New 8.1-megapixel UV camera

JAI has released the Go Series GO-8105M-5GE-UV, a new 8.1-megapixel, UV-sensitive camera with a high performance 5GBASE-T (5 GigE) interface. The new camera surpasses JAI’s three other UV (ultraviolet) camera models by providing both increased resolution (8.1 megapixels vs. 5 megapixels) and a higher spectral sensitivity covering UVA, UVB, and extending well in to the UVC range.

Compact 8-megapixel camera with Pregius S CMOS sensor
The GO-8105M-5GE integrates the Sony Pregius S IMX487-AAMJ CMOS sensor into a compact form factor of 29 x 29 x 68 mm and produces full resolution 8.1-megapixel images at up to 66 frames per second over the 5 GigE interface.
Read more ›

SICK AppSpace SensorApps 3D Belt Pick

The 3D Belt Pick SensorApp from SICK is specialized for locating and measuring products on a conveyor belt. Working with 3D vision in your robot guidance projects both increases the reliability of your picking process and preserves the quality of the handled products. For each detected product, the SensorApp reports, among other metrics, the location, height and orientation of the product to the robot picking system. The 3D Belt Pick SensorApp features a plug-in concept which makes it easy to extend the SensorApp with new robot communication protocols and customized image processing. Read more ›

Free webinar: Real-time angle measurement in sheet metal bending

Vision Components will host two webinars on 24 January, demonstrating the operation and integration of autonomous angle measurement in metal processing. Thanks to the integrated processor, the sensor directly outputs the workpiece angle in degrees.
The free-of-charge webinars are aimed in particular at manufacturers and distributors of press brakes and metal forming technology. Jan-Erik Schmitt, Vice President Sales, and Klaus Schneider, VC Chief Engineer for Angle Measurement, present the advantages of VC nano 3D-Z laser profilers, which do not require an external processing unit, can be connected directly to machine controls and enable real-time adjustment of the bending process. Following a live demonstration of the solution, Klaus Schneider will be available for individual questions and consultations. Read more ›

Upcoming Highlights
Heidelberg Image Processsing Forum

7 March 2023
Aalen, Germany
Visit Webseite ›

embedded world

14 – 16 March 2023
Nuremberg, Germany
Visit Webseite ›

International Trade Show for Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management

25 – 27 April 2023
Stuttgart, Germany
Visit Webseite ›

21. EMVA Business Conference

4 – 6 May 2023
Seville, Spain
Visit Webseite ›

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