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EMVA Season Greetings

A year ago at this point the international start of vaccination against the Corona virus promissed the end of pandemica to be quite near. Seems we all are still learning.

Nevertheless there have been a lot of very attractive activities throughout the year 2021, many of them performed in a virtual format like EMVA’s Spotlight Series, but also first opportunities for in-person events were offered.
For our industry of course the Vision show was the annual highlight. With Stuttgart as location and taking place in early October the show exactly hit the right place and time.
Even under the given restrictions in regards to socialising and evening events it was so exciting to get together again – from exhibitor’s as well as from visitor’s perspective.

As EMVA we could manage to continue on our growth of membership, driving forward the work on global machine vision standards and providing interesting vision tech content e.g. at our online EMVA Business Conference Special Edition 2021.
For the first time ever a new EMVA Board of Directors got elected in a virtual General Assembly.

EMVA’s quarterly survey on machine vision sales in and to Europe after three quarters clearly points towards a two-digit growth compared to 2020. The supplier expectations for the next six month still suffer strong volatility, also pushed by the difficult supply chain situation.

Despite of the still challenging situation we are looking forward to the events in 2022 beneficial for our vision community as well as for the users of our technology:

  • EMVA Business Conference in Brussels, Belgium (May)
  • Vision show in Stuttgart, Germany (October), including EMVA’s International Vision Night and the special booth on machine vision satandards
  • European Machine Vision Forum in Cork, Ireland (November)

We would be excited to meet you and your colleagues at our highlights throughout the year.

The EMVA Board of Directors and the whole EMVA team wishes you and your family peaceful holidays and a prosperous New Year.

Take care and stay well!

EMVA Business Conference 2022 | Brussels

Registration with reduced Early-Bird still open!

EMVA announces hotel ‘Steigenberger Wiltcher’s’ to be the conference venue

We are very happy and look forward to our stay at Steigenberger Wiltcher’s from 12-14 May as the hotel offers great conference facilities and perfect conditions to organise our well-known networking sessions – all this also with view to the safety topic in the pandemic‘, commented Thomas Lübkemeier, EMVA General Manager, the news.
Registered conference attendees are invited to benefit from special EMVA rates for their accomodation booking.

Meet CEOs, managing directors, corporate strategists, marketing directors, technical managers and other executives of our business to exchange market intelligence and news of innovative technologies.

Prophesee Wins Prestigious 2021 VISION Award for latest generation neuromorphic-enabled event-based sensor platform

Prophesee SA, inventor of the most advanced neuromorphic vision systems, has been named the winner of the prestigious VISION Award, announced today at the VISION Show. Sponsored by Imaging and Machine Vision Europe, the award recognizes innovation in machine vision. The judges cited Prophesee for making great strides with its event-based sensing, which advances machine vision capabilities over traditional frame-based approaches. Read more ›

3D Time-of-Flight Camera Aids Robotic Palletizers

Loading or unloading pallets efficiently with the help of robots requires an automated system to carry diverse loads of pallets with diverse shapes and sizes to be handled with precision and care at fast cycle times. Layers of the pallets are not guaranteed to be flat, may contain bulky objects or may arrive slanted, putting the layers on the pallet at a slope. Regardless of the palletizing method, the goal of any supply chain operation is to ship out the most product possible. This can only be done by making the best use of the space on each individual pallet, even if it means just one more package per pallet.

Germany-based companies MSB Düren and codesolo GmbH use a conveyor system where the pallets need to be placed in a structured and precise manner with the help of a robot. For this purpose, a robot operates several pallet towers.  Read more ›

New Machine Vision Camera Enclosure

The MVEC167 dust and waterproof machine vision camera enclosure is the latest addition to GeT Cameras’ range of machine vision products. Its unique features make protecting your industrial camera and lens easy and affordable. The new camera enclosure supports 29x29mm cameras from most well-known manufacturers and has been tested in IP67 conditions.
In addition, the length of the lens tube is adjustable by adding or removing 15mm tube rings. Moreover, the lens tube has been designed to have a bayonet fitting. This enables you to open and close the lens tube with a small twist and you can change the lens settings, without having to dismount and open the complete enclosure.
Read more ›

Expands Atlas 5GBASE-T Camera Series with Sony Pregius 2.8 MP, 8.9 MP and 12.3 MP Models

LUCID Vision Labs announced the availability of new Atlas 5GigE IP67-rated cameras.
The latest Atlas models feature a range of Sony Pregius global shutter CMOS image sensors over a 5GBASE-T interface. These include the 2.8 MP Sony IMX421 sensor with a pixel size of 4.5 µm running at a frame rate of 173 fps, as well as the 8.9 MP IMX255 sensor at 58.5 fps, and the 12.3 MP IMX253 at 42.5 fps offering a 3.45 µm pixel size.
The Atlas Factory Tough™ camera line is designed for industrial applications requiring high bandwidth and high resolution in a robust IP67-rated housing. Read more › 

S162170 Shows its Superior Performance in Mobile Phone Appearance Inspection

In order to solve problems on the Inspection process of new-generation mobile phones, a new model Sizector®3D Camera S162170 has been released, specializing in various inspection projects of Mobile Phone Cover, Middle Plate and Middle Bezel.
After mobile phones entered the era of full screen, all major brands chose the design of extreme thin mobile phone frame to visually present the non-frame effect. It undoubtedly puts forward higher requirements for the production process of mobile phones at all stages. Fortunately, the consumer electronics manufacturing industry represented by the manufacturing industry chain of mobile devices (including smartphones, tablets and other terminals) has a more mature and comprehensive supply chain system than other industries.
Read more ›

Industrial-grade intelligent power back up, PB Series!

Neousys PB-2580J-SA is a standalone SuperCAP power backup module that offers up to 2580Ws and 70W of power with a 10-year lifespan. It is compatible with most industrial PCs, specifically ultra-compact embedded computers, such as the Neousys POC-400 that supports USB3/ PoE cameras, and an M.2 E key for Google TPU. They combined to offer compact and cost-effective solution for high-quality inspections, protect data and hardware during unforeseen power outages. Read more ›

Inventors Community showcasing breadth of creativity and applications driven by its Event-Based Metavision® technology

Prophesee introduced today their Inventors Community, showcasing work and innovations being driven by its Event-Based Metavision® technologies. Since 2014, a network of researchers, start-ups, academics and industry-leading companies have shown incredible imagination and creativity in applying Prophesee’s neuromorphic vision technologies to a wide range of vision-enabled use. The Inventors Community aims to continue to foster this growing Event-Based Vision ecosystem by providing a platform to feature breakthrough developments and inspire future projects, collaborations and creativity. Read more ›

Aurora™ Software – A Unified Platform to Set Up, Deploy and Run Zebra’s Industrial Machine Vision and Fixed Scanner Portfolio

Zebra Aurora brings a new level of elegance and simplicity to controlling enterprise-wide manufacturing and logistics automation solutions. With this simple but powerful interface, it’s easy to set up, deploy and run Zebra’s Fixed Industrial Scanners and Machine Vision Smart Cameras, eliminating the need for different tools and reducing training and deployment time. Read more ›

Upcoming Highlights
As the organization of and participation in events in the near future are currently subject to significant disruption in the context of Covid-19, we monitor the situation closely and we will inform you of any cancellation, necessary arrangements, planned postponement, or alternative forms of holding our EMVA events.

EMVA Spotlight Series
Event #4

27 January 2022
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EMVA Business Conference 2022

12 – 14 May 2022
Brussels, Belgium
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European Machine Vision Association , Gran Vía de Carles III 84 (planta 3ª), 08028 Barcelona, Spain

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