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Established in 1985, Z-LASER is a recognized developer of laser systems for industrial, medical and laboratory applications. Staffed by a team of creative engineers, Z-LASER finds innovative solutions and applications for optoelectronics and laser technology. For more company information, please visit our homepage www.z-laser.com.

Product range: standard laser modules, laser projectors, customized solutions:


  • Small high-tech laser modules ZM18 and ZM12 with optical power up to 160mW. Manufactured in a thread housing holding various projections like points, homogeneous lines, circles all in red, green, blue and IR wavelengths, modulation optional.
  • ZQ / ZQ2 laser sources that offers high power (<6W) and outstanding beam quality for machine vision applications, e.g. Boresight accuracy of less than 3mrad. The system comes with integrated optics, electronics and active temperature control. Modulation, various projections patterns and wavelengths between 400-1100nm are available.
  • LP-HFD laser projectors allow complex positioning on 2D and 3D surfaces in the composite, wood and other industries. The projector is available with fiber-coupled, red or green laser source up to 40mW. It offers a flicker free projection at full fan angle (80°x80°) due to high projection frequency (50 Hz).
  • Customized OEM laser solutions & components (like electronics, customized LED solutions, plastic components) for different industry branches (medical technology, furniture industry, architecture solutions).


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