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Mastering all critical steps of any manufacturing process is challenging. Since opening its doors in 2000, Xenics has been delivering state-of-the-art solutions to improve business results.

Xenics supplies vertically integrated SWIR detectors and cameras. The company designs and develops ROICs (read-out integrated circuits) for SWIR imaging detectors.

The SWIR imaging detectors are based on InGaAs (Indium Gallium Arsenide) photodiode arrays and are used in Xenics SWIR camera products or as a detector-based solution in addition to standard products.
• Line-scan arrays with square and rectangular pixels; resolutions ranging from 512 to 2048 pixels
• Two-dimensional arrays with 320×256 pixels or 640×512 pixels – all with 20 µm pixel pitch

The global market leader holds a unique position with high-speed and low-noise imagers and a portfolio of extensive combinations to suit different industries.


SWIR InGaAs detectors, cameras and an extensive portfolio of LWIR imagers.

Xenics Products:

SWIR: Xenics SWIR line-scan and area detectors are developed in-house and based on InGaAs (Indium Gallium Arsenide). The products include Bobcat+ 320, Bobcat 320 TE0 and WL, Bobcat 320, Bobcat 640, Bobcat Gated, Wildcat 640, Manx R, Manx SQ, Cheetah, Lynx SQ, Xeva 320, XSL SQ, XSW 320, XSW 640 and XSW Gated. The products find applications in machine vision, R&D, medical, security, process control and transportation.

LWIR: Xenics LWIR cameras and camera cores are based on uncooled microbolometer detectors. The products include Ceres V 640, Ceres V 1280, Ceres T 640, Ceres T 1280, Dione 1280 CAM, Dione 1280 OEM, Dione 640 CAM, Dione 640 OEM, Dione S 1280, Dione S 640, Dione 320 OEM, Dione 320 CAM, Gobi+ 640 and XTM+ 640. The products find applications in security, process control and medical markets.

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