Voyage81 is working on implementing a custom color filter array on a CMOS sensor, that re-invents conventional RGB imaging under low-light conditions. Our patented technology can increase the combined performance of existing sensors, optics, and even software post-processing by over 100% in low-light conditions, while providing at the same time rich hyperspectral information that facilitates material sensing of objects in the captured image. The material sensing solution can also be implemented as a software only add-on to a standard RGB camera.
The founding team consists of Niv Price (CEO) who headed the Electro-Optical Department of an IDF elite technology unit, Boaz Arad (CTO), a Phd in computer vision, and Dr. Rafi Gidron (Chairman), an accomplished serial entrepreneur (Chromatis, Scorpio, Israel Brain Technologies).


Yigal Alon 94 St.
Tel Aviv

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