Video Systems

Technologies for a new world

Video Systems is a company specialized on embedded vision systems develop and production. A 20th year experienced staff support customer on R&D, develop and production of industrial quality control and process control systems. 3D acquisition and elaboration and neural network systems are key-points of final systems. The experience handed down over the years has been well-consolidated permitting Video Systems to work side by side with some of the leaders of major industrial sectors: Hollow Glass, Automation, Steel, Robotics, Paper, Cardboard, Wood, Plastic. In recent years company focus has expanded to the areas of security and aerospace. In 2012 Video Systems has created Imago and Adamantis, two new brands and fields for Hollow glass and steel industry.Today Video Systems brand has become synonymous with effective, high quality and advanced technology.

Company type
Manufacturer Machines (OEM), Manufacturer Vision Components

Application Engineering, Industrial Integration, Market Research, Project Management, Research

3D Sensor Head, Application-specific Software, Area Scan, Board-level Camera, Cable & Connector, CCD (sensor technology), CCD Image Sensor, CMOS (sensor technology), CMOS Image Sensor, Code Reading, Colour, Custom Development, Customized, Digitalization, Embedded Software, Embedded Vision Device, Fixed Focal Length, High Speed, High Speed Analysis, Identification, Industry-specific Software, Inspection 2D, Inspection 3D, IP Kernel, LED, Line Scan, Metrology 2D, Monochrome, NIR, OCR/OCV, Quallity Control in general, Remote Sensing, Robot Guidance 3D, Smart Camera, Sorting, Surface Inspection Discrete Objects, Surface Inspection Web (continuous), Thermography, Tracking, Vision Engine, Zoom