SICK AG’s activities focus on producing increasingly intelligent sensors and sensor solutions for factory, logistics and process automation. SICK provides e.g. 2D and 3D vision sensors and solutions for factory and logistics automation. The vision product line includes easy-to-use sensors, programmable flexible cameras and high-speed streaming cameras. Target customers are machine builders, system integrators and end users. Continuous innovation, its technological lead and tight cost control ensure SICK’s leading position in numerous world and application markets. More information:

Company type
Manufacturer Vision Components

Application Engineering, Education, Maintenance, Training

3D Sensor Head, Area Scan, Cable & Connector, CMOS (sensor technology), Code Reading, Colour, Embedded Vision Device, Fixed Focal Length, High Speed, Identification, Industry-specific Software, Inspection 2D, Inspection 3D, Laser, LED, Line Scan, Monochrome, NIR, OCR/OCV, Only bundled with hardware, Quallity Control in general, Robot Guidance 2D, Robot Guidance 3D, Smart Camera, Sorting, Surface Inspection Discrete Objects, TOF Camera, Tracking, Vision Sensor, X-Ray