Nacacue Corporation

Our company constantly strives to create new market opportunities.

Our company established in August 1980. We specialise in developing new technology.
Specifically in fields closely link to trends in society. Amongst our products our company
manufactures optical equipment, LED lighting solutions and electronic control systems for
industrial machine vision.
Our company goal is to contribute to the societies in which our customers are located
through developing new technology to cultivate new markets.
We produce originally designed Illumination system with LED light source. We are pursuing
effective optical and electronic design for the illumination for machine vison fields.
We also do optical design and production for imaging lens system.
As for our electronics fields, we do lectronics circuits design and development of embedded
We perform in the fields of sensing units, measurement units, image processing for factory
automation and medical equipment.

Company type
Manufacturer Machines (OEM), Manufacturer Vision Components

Application Engineering, Industrial Integration, Market Research, Marketing / Market Communication, Project Management, Sales

, Application-specific Software, Board-level, Cabinet, Cable & Connector, Code Reading, Controller, CPU / GPU, Custom Development, Customized, Embedded Software, Embedded Vision Device, Endoscope, Entocentric, Fixed Focal Length, Fluorescent, FPGA, High Speed Analysis, Identification, Industry-specific Software, Inspection 2D, Inspection 3D, Interface, IR, Laser, LED, Light Controller, Metrology 2D, Metrology 3D, Microscope, Microscopic, OLED, On-board Image Processing, PC / IPC, PLC, Quallity Control in general, Remote Sensing, Robot Guidance 2D, Robot Guidance 3D, Sorting, Strobed, Surface Inspection Discrete Objects, Telecentric, UV (Optics), Vision Engine, Vision Processor Board, Vision Sensor, Zoom