Innovative Industrial Camera Solutions

JAI develops and manufactures high quality, industrial-grade area scan and line scan cameras combining supreme image quality with outstanding reliability and durability!

No matter what vision business you’re in, you must be reliable and deliver results. That calls for an industrial camera supplier with a long, proven track record of delivering cameras with innovative engineering, high-end quality, and long-lasting operational reliability and durability.

Our industrial cameras perform under the most demanding conditions, from high-speed production and inspection machinery to applications in life sciences, outdoor surveillance, traffic imaging, sports/entertainment and more.

We offer single-sensor cameras, with resolutions from 1.6 megapixels to 45 megapixels, with speeds up to 250 frames/second and beyond as well as a large selection of multi-sensor prism-based area scan and line scan cameras for advanced color and multispectral imaging applications. In addition to a full set of monochrome and color cameras for use under visible lighting, our product series include cameras that can operate beyond the visible – in the ultraviolet (UV) the near infrared (NIR) and the short-wave infrared (SWIR) light spectrums.

JAI has sold more than 1 million cameras, and our customers around the globe value the hallmarks of our products; high reliability, consistent quality, easy integration, superior image fidelity and 24/7 customer support.

We invite our customers and partners, both present and future, to combine our innovative products and technologies with their own creative vision.

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