ISRA VISION – Machine Vision Technology from a Global Market Leader.

Major international industry players place their trust in ISRA.
Our core competence involves the development of surface inspection systems and
3D Machine Vision products.

Over 10,000 successfully installed systems throughout the entire world give clear evidence
of our technological leadership. With innovative solutions, we supply the answers to the
various quality and processing demands of global players.

ISRA systems consist of the most advanced components developed in-house.
The combination of high-performance camera and illumination units, specialized software
and business intelligence architecture allows for detailed analysis of production flows.

In modern production environments, the human eye alone is an inefficient and unreliable
option for ensuring quality and production efficiency.
Leading companies from a wide range of industries, e.g. the glass, automotive, plastics,
non-wovens, foil, film, paper, metal, print, semi-el, solar and logistic industries have
recognized that Machine Vision is critical for maintaining a competitive edge in today’s
industrial production.

ISRA offers efficient Machine Vision solutions for automation of highly complex tasks in the following important areas:
Robot Vision – Seeing in The Third Dimension. Robot guidance for difficult tasks such as positioning, assembly, handling or paint finishing. Our portfolio of internationally unique solutions ranges from 2 D to 6 D.
Surface Vision – Guaranteed quality with 100% inspection of glass, foils, films, plastics, paper, metal, and print products at high speeds or complex paint finished surfaces (such as car bodies, home appliances, components). Cost effective, fast, reliable, repeatable control of objective criteria.
Quality Inspection – Quality control for part inspection, code identification, and measurement technologies in real-time production.

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