intoPIX is a worldwide leading technology provider of innovative image processing & compression technologies for vision and other applications where image is a crucial asset.
We deliver flexible IP cores for FPGA (Lattice, Xilinx, Intel) or ASIC, reference designs, and SDKs for CPU & GPU, to manage more pixels, preserve quality with no latency, save cost & power, and simplify connectivity. Our solutions enable machine vision, automotive, security, and industrial applications to build new bandwidth-efficient workflows, reducing costs, replacing uncompressed video, and preserving always the lowest latency and the highest quality.

Our TicoXS (JPEG XS), TicoXS FIP (JPEG XS with Flawless Imagine Profile), and TicoRAW solutions enable the compression of ultra-high resolutions or high-speed videos with very low complexity, microsecond or millisecond processing, and lossless quality.

For any application (capture, transmission, storage, playback) that requires ultra-low latency and lossless quality compression – whether the stream is captured in monochrome, raw-Bayer, or in color – intoPIX has the optimal solution to manage it. We support any resolution from mobile, 2MP, 8MP (4K), 32MP (8K), 64MP, and even up to 100MP.

intoPIX intellectual property cores & SDKs empower its users to :
• Support higher data streams using the available pipeline bandwidth for latency-critical transmission (Cameras, Automotive, VR, Remote Monitoring, KVM, Genicam, Coaxpress, …)
• Increase the number of streams or the stream resolution that could be supported in a multi-camera configuration
• Significantly reduce the internal video bandwidth (and power consumption) in systems such as mobile devices, cameras, grabbers, and video devices.
• Cost-effectively increase the storage, video buffer, or frame buffer capacity.
• Solve link limitations on display and mobile panels to carry larger resolutions than could be supported by a display link with uncompressed images and video in real-time
• Reduce the bandwidth needed in a sensor interface to transport a sensor stream in order to save power, cost, or both. Or even enable the use of a lower link rate for applications where high link rates may not be possible

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