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Imalligent technology, founded in 2015, is a well-known domestic manufacturer of machine vision products, specializing in the production, R & D and sales of machine vision products. Since the establishment of the enterprise, it has deeply cultivated the practical problems encountered by users at the application level, combined with 3D machine vision innovation technology, to provide users with the most landing visual solutions.

Imalligent technology is committed to bringing machine vision technology into every production line, factory and enterprise, endowing machines with intelligent eyes, so that human beings can see infinite possibilities; Give the enterprise the spring of flexibility, make the production become efficient and full of vitality; Give the society the power of intelligence and make industry 4.0 more powerful and dynamic.

Imalligent technology adheres to the spirit of conscientious craftsmanship, with the enterprise values of integrity struggle, continuous innovation and continuous improvement, leading the general direction of enterprise development, using machine vision technology to success employees, customers and society, striving to become an international leading machine vision enterprise, promoting the upgrading of the industry and promoting the sustainable development of society.

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