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Gpixel delivers off-the-shelf and customized CMOS image sensors that meet the demands of scientific, industrial, professional, and medical cameras.

At Gpixel our seasoned, multi-disciplinary team of experts are passionate about pushing the boundaries of image sensing technologies. As a proven designer and supplier of advanced CMOS image sensors, we deliver both off-the-shelf and fully-customized advanced image sensor solutions. Solutions that meet the exacting demands of scientific, industrial, professional, and medical cameras with the added benefits of volume production.

Founded in 2012 by experienced CMOS image sensor designers and semiconductor physicists, Gpixel works in close cooperation with our customers and business partners to produce state-of-art CMOS image sensors for use all over the world. From our offices in Changchun, China (headquarters), Antwerp, Belgium (European design center) and Tokyo Japan (R&D and logistics), we are committed to delivering innovative and specialized high-end CMOS image sensor solutions for industrial, professional, medical, and scientific applications.

Our advanced CMOS image sensors draw on a wide range of innovative and state-of-the-art features and functionality. From high resolutions and fast frame rates to very high gain and extremely low noise, you can choose the exact features your camera needs. You also have the choice of optical format, pixel size and global or rolling shutter options. Or perhaps you simply need the capability to see clearly regardless of the available light and weather conditions.

Whatever your application, Gpixel’s design competence and expertise can fulfil the most demanding CMOS image sensor challenges in the world. And we continue to expand our capabilities and range of solutions to meet the ever-growing demand of existing professional imaging applications and open the door to new imaging possibilities.


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