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Fraunhofer IOSB gathers all activities in the field of sensor technology, image analysis and signal processing for the purpose of quality assurance and/or increasing productivity in real time that come into play when “seeing” is the solution of choice. “Seeing” in this context refers not only to what the human eye is capable of, but also includes the entire electromagnetic spectrum from UV to IR as encountered in the natural and technical world.
The technical solutions offered cover a broad service portfolio, ranging from feasibility studies to process developments, practical validation up to and including demonstrators and productive systems that can be used at the customer’s site. Whether the task is to rapidly monitor a large number of moving parts while sorting bulk goods (in order to separate desirable parts from undesirable ones), detect changes in the reflective properties or the texture of a surface (which are indicative of product defects or process defects) or classify objects or object groups (to detect divergences from specifications), we are able to offer tailored solutions to our partners and customers. The solutions we develop are used in recycling glass or enriching minerals to the same extent that they are used in sorting tea, coffee and other foods. In the inspection of reflective surfaces, we specialise in the recognition of defects for technical but also aesthetic purposes. Defect sizes can be given in absolute or relative terms, and sophisticated classifications are available for grading. We also offer help and simulations for the layout of testing stations. Sometimes “taking a look inside parts” or simply “seeing through them” is helpful when it comes to recognizing constituents or divergences. If light can be used to make them visible or the materials being searched for have specific reflective properties, we find them. We also offer solutions for special problems such as “seeing” vibrations from far away, “seeing” in an adverse environment (e.g. in deep-sea environments) or recognizing objects for identification purposes.

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