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The Fraunhofer IOF develops innovative solutions with light for the future of energy and environment, information and communication, healthcare, production, and safety and mobility. It combines applied research and development with high quality fundamental research to control light – from its generation and manipulation to its actual use – covering the entire process chain from system design to the manufacture of prototypes. Outstanding basic research findings and strategic cooperation arrangements with various partners in industry demonstrate the research strengths of the Fraunhofer IOF.  The institute works in the five business fields of optical components and systems, precision engineering components and systems, functional surfaces and layers, photonic sensors and measuring systems, and laser technology.

In the field of photonic sensors and measuring systems Fraunhofer IOF develops optical and opto-electronic measuring and sensor systems. The research includes novel measuring methods, sensor principles, and evaluation methods as well as system solutions. The researchers use state-of-the-art optical and miniaturized or microoptical components as well as transmitting and receiving units, projection techniques, light sources, software technologies, and computer architectures. One focus is on solutions for 3D measuring systems for applications in production and medicine, based on methods of pattern or stripe projection. A further focus is on systems for layer and surface characterization, including straylight based measuring systems for roughness determination or micro- and nanostructure measurement. A unique feature is the development of ultra-compact multi-channel microoptic imaging systems based on bio-inspired approaches. Such optical sensors, e.g. ultra thin microoptical cameras (facetvision), are used in mobile end devices and in the automotive field.

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