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The growing complexity of products and manufacturing processes combined with mounting competitive pressure are increasingly confronting companies with challenges. Advanced manufacturing is increasingly reliant on a high level of automation and objective testing of process and product quality. Innovative industrial measurement and testing technologies are accorded a key role. These technologies, methods and systems are the object of our research and development work. Fraunhofer IFF’s Measurement and Testing Technology Business Unit specialize in the development of innovative measurement technologies and systems and their implementation in industrial applications in systems and equipment. We focus on solutions that can be integrated directly in manufacturing processes or equipment.
Selected technologies are Optical 3D Metrology, Industrial Image Processing as well as Assistance and Quality Inspection for Manual Manufacturing Processes. Using Optical 3d Metrology technology inline solutions detects variations in processes and defects in quality immediately and feeds the measured values directly back into the process. This generates great potential to improve product quality and manufacturing efficiency. Inline metrology is an integral and value adding part of efficient and competitive production. Industrial Image Processing technology can be employed for dimensional, geometric and visual inspection. Typical applications include shape and dimensional inspection, surface inspection, object recognition, completeness checks and other more. Visual Assistive Systems support workers in complex and widely varying operations by providing instructions and assistance for a given situation. Their combination with optical quality inspection systems produces integrated process chains with guaranteed quality and reliability. The elimination of defects and the extra work they generate boost value added.

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