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Enlitech is the leading company in photon-electron conversion inspection field and invests more than 10 years in the non-destructive and optical inspection technology on CIS and CCM.

We provide complete testing solutions covering the whole industry chain, including CIS wafer, CIS die, CIS chip, CIS module, and CIS camera. Application fields cover CCD and CMOS image sensors in mobile phone, automobile, aerospace, defense, and scientific camera field.

Enlitech’s system can de-convolute the digital images back to the analog properties, such as quantum efficiency, spectral response, system gain K, Dynamic Range (DR), PRNU, DRNU, Linearity Error LE, and Chief-Ray-Angle (CRA).

Our image sensor testers can help users reduce development time of the sensor-modules or camera-modules, allowing quickly entering the image sensor industry chain.

Solid technical capabilities and dedicated service attitude have made us deeply trusted by IC design houses, wafer manufacturers, camera module manufacturers, and 3C product companies.

We have provided support services for customers located in Europe, North America, Australia and Asia .

CMOS Image Sensor Tester
Wafer Level CIS Optotronical Parameter Tester
Aerospace Image Sensor Tester
Solar simulator for FoD Sensor
140db Highly Dynamic Range Light Simulator
Optical In-Display Fingerprint Sensor Tester

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