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Emberion produces high performance visible to short wavelength (VIS-SWIR) infrared cameras with its unique nanomaterial based sensor solution and custom CMOS read out integrated circuit.  Emberion focuses on industrial machine vision and currently Emberion VS20 VGA camera is available for orders. It provides a wide spectral range (400 – 2000 nm) with high dynamic range capabilities. GigE interface will be available later this year in addition to CameraLink already shipping.  The camera has already been enabled in various applications within machine vision, surveillance, medical and key areas where both visible and infrared capabilities are utilized.

In 2023 Emberion will offer a very dense roadmap e.g. with higher spectral resolution up to 2500 nm and mega-pixel densities.  Additionally, Emberion is also developing an ultra broadband solution that will cover Vis-SWIR-MWIR for simultaneous imaging in order to enable broadband surveillance and hyperspectral imaging.


Emberion Oy
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