Efficient Led Lighting

EFFILUX designs and manufactures innovative LED lighting for machine vision.

Innovation has been embedded in the DNA of the company since its inception. The company differentiates itself through its control of LED lighting, its advanced optical expertise, innovative products and quality services. Even today its key differentiators enable EFFILUX to post growth of over 60% per year over the last three years.

In less than 6 years, EFFILUX has established trusted relationships with leading distributors of machine vision components in Europe. The company occupies the place of leader in European machine vision. With 50% of export sales, the creation of a subsidiary in Germany, and trade agreements signed in the USA, Effilux is resolutely turned towards international markets.

The success and growth of the company can be explained mainly by the quality of the team that makes up the firm. EFFILUX management has always sought to create a united team, with each person bringing his skills and personality. every day, this team is devoted to delivering quality products to its customers in ever shorter deadlines.

The future of EFFILUX lies in the release of new products with ever more power, consistency and performance. Flexibility and ease of use and installation will be at the heart of EFFILUX’s concerns for future developments. Sealing, the M12 connectors, mounting bracket and automatic pulse will become standard.


We look forward to working together,


Arnaud Mestivier & Jean-Philippe Blanchot

Company type
Manufacturer Vision Components

, Cable & Connector, Customized, Fluorescent, Laser, LED, Library, Light Controller, Strobed