Dotphoton AG

Dotphoton is a Swiss technology company that delivers innovative image compression solutions for big image data. Dotphoton’s unique set of algorithms and cutting-edge approach to camera calibration enables file size reduction by a factor of 5-8, preserving the raw quality of images.

By combining the flexibility of lossy formats with the reliability and quality of lossless technologies, Dotphoton enables scalable data-centric AI and ML analysis. Its compression results in 5-8x faster image data transfer and remote access at 200MB/sec/core, as well as a 5-8x reduction in data storage costs and CO2 emissions.

Dotphoton’s deep understanding of the latest insights from the quantum information field ensures it stays ahead as a highly reliable partner, trusted by the European Space Agency, Bosch, leading life-science camera manufacturers and biomedical centres.


Dotphoton AG
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