China Daheng Group Inc. Beijing Image Vision Technology Branch

Founded in 1991, DAHENG IMAGING is the most famous high-tech enterprise focusing on developing and manufacturing machine vision components, machine vision system and internet medical products in China. As core asset of public company “DAHENG TECH” (stock code: 600288), DAHENG IMAGING are committed to providing our customers with cutting edge technology, high quality products and perfect service.

Company type
Distributor, Industrial Integrator, Manufacturer Machines (OEM), Manufacturer Vision Components, System Solution Provider

Application Engineering, Education, Industrial Integration, Maintenance, Research, Training

, Application-specific Software, Area Scan, Cable & Connector, Code Reading, Colour, Controller, Custom Development, Digitalization, Embedded Software, Embedded Vision Device, Fixed Focal Length, Fluorescent, Framegrabber, High Speed, High Speed Analysis, Identification, Industry-specific Software, Inspection 2D, Inspection 3D, Integrated Development Environment, Interface, IR, Laser, LED, Light Controller, Line Scan, Low light, LWIR, Metrology 2D, Metrology 3D, Microscopic, Monochrome, MWIR, NIR, OCR/OCV, On-board Image Processing, Quallity Control in general, Remote Sensing, Robot Guidance 2D, Robot Guidance 3D, Scientific, Smart Camera, Sorting, Strobed, Surface Inspection Discrete Objects, SWIR, Telecentric, Thermography, Tracking, UV (Optics), Vision Engine, Vision Processor Board, Vision Sensor, Zoom