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Advancin Society with the Science of Light

CCS has advocated a spirit of “love and appreciation for customers” ever since its establishment. Our corporate name, CCS, stands for Creating Customer Satisfaction and means our intention to engage in corporate activities to ensure customer satisfaction. We eagerly pursue technologies and products that please our customers and make a contribution to society by realizing them. This is our Business Philosophy.

In the production sites of various industries, machine vision has been utilized as an automatic inspection technology, to replace visual inspection in order to practice tighter quality control. We have been and are developing products to meet our customers’ needs. As a global leading company in the field of LED lights for machine vision, we have retained overwhelming know-how and technological capabilities that outclass other companies.

The key of success in machine vision is the Lighting Technology which enables capturing stable images. We propose a suitable “Lighting Solution”, by utilizing the data of more than 50,000 images, a lineup of more than 900 different kind of products and our customized response capabilities. We aim to answer our customers’ request by marketing and developing products, using the strength of this “Lighting Solution.”

We contribute to society by applying and developing these “Lighting Solutions” and “product development capabilities” to various production sites globally. We extend our scope of business beyond the field of LED lights for machine vision. CCS aims to contribute broadly to society by applying lighting technologies and creating new markets, such as, agricultural and medical sectors and commercial field.
In order to advance society through the science of light, CCS will continue to meet customers’ needs with technologies and know-how exclusive to CCS, with the action as stipulated in “The Action Guidelines: All for our Customers.”

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CCS Europe NV

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