Challenges and Solutions for Automotive End of Line Optical Inspections
9 December 2021

Choosing the right instrument from the toolkit of algorithm based vision, robot vision and AI.

As speaker we could win Ms. Nuria Garrido Lopez, Principal Expert for Manufacturing Machine Vision at Continental AG.

Nuria is a passionate leader of two global expert networks. Together with an international team of specialists in machine vision, she drives the digital transformation in manufacturing.
With more than 20 years of experience in the automotive industry, she has a profound understanding in automatization and exploiting the potential of machine vision, robotics and artificial intelligence to increase effectiveness and quality. One of her achievements was the development and implementation of machine vision architecture for shop floor, which allows to easily integrating state-of-art vision systems and is used as standard in many Continental locations worldwide. Additionally she is one of Continental’s GUIDEs and Digital Role Models and she loves to share her expert knowledge and help others to grow in the digital space.
Nuria grew up in Spain and came with a scholarship to Germany to finish her studies of computer science, planning to stay for a few months, but she got fascinated by the immense opportunities in the area of computer vision and decided to stay a little bit longer. After 21 years living in Braunschweig and Frankfurt, she continues enthusiastic contributing to pave the way for the upcoming 4th industrial revolution.

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