VisiKa International Corporation

VisiKa – Based on the experience of many collaborations with the world, we design and conduct proposals to maximize customer’s needs and production comprehensively by collaborating with engineers and image manufacturers from overseas countries We will.
With over twenty years of experience, we have the right technology in our company, provide know-how of test measurement in production line and solve efficiently with cutting-edge technology and its partnership all over the world – State-of- It is based on the philosophy of “art-“.
We have solved problems with a number of achievements, from automobile (from drive train to assembly), manufacture of medicines, container inspection of cans and bottles, super precision instruments and electronic equipment, ultra precision semiconductors, ultra high speed tobacco inspection and inspection of nuclear equipment I will.
With high-quality technical support, VisiKa supports product marketing and sales for machine vision and supports solution providers in various fields. VisiKa – With our strong design power and the production capacity of partners worldwide, we can strongly solve customer’s needs and advanced technical problems.
In addition, OEM products for each equipment maker emphasize dialogue with customers, as well as help designing, we are selling high-function image related products from all over the world to the domestic market.