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ViDi is a swiss-based company providing a self-learning software for automated industrial vision in aesthetics inspection & classification.


The company, founded in 2012, is part of CPA group, a holding of 6 high tech companies and 1 business incubator with a comprehensive product portfolio for the industrial production. Based on more than 5 years of development at CSEM (Centre suisse d’électronique et de microtechnique), we have developped a set of bio-inspired software tools that attempt to mimic the human brain behaviour in order to address the multiple aesthetic inspection challenges in various industrial sectors (textile, medtech, logistics, watch industry, semiconductor, automotive, and so on).


Therefore, ViDi Suite™ provides machine vision engineers with a set of tools that were so far missing in the industry. They have the following characteristics:

Human-like : They outperform the best quality inspectors
– ViDi red is able to generalize and conceptualize the complexity and variation of objects, in order to easily detect anomalies.
– ViDi blue is able to seek and localize objects despite their variations (orientations, tilting, partial overlapping, touching sections, illumination variations, for example).
– ViDi green is able to differentiate classes of objects.

Self-Learning : No software development is required
– With ViDi red, you just have to provide a number of good images to train the system
– With ViDi blue you just have to point and click on features for part localization
– With ViDi green, you just have to provide a number of images per class (labelling)

It solves hard to tackle or even impossible programming challenges
– ViDi red responds to all defects (sensitive) and only to defect (selective)
– ViDi blue responds to all sought parts (tolerant) and only to those (selective)
– ViDi green automatically finds what makes each class distinguishable (without expert analysis)

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ViDi Systems SA
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