TriEye Ltd.

TriEye revolutionizes machine vision with the world’s first CMOS-based Short-Wave Infrared (SWIR) sensing solution to provide mission-critical information for multiple industries and enable imaging in all weather & lighting conditions. Focusing first on the automotive market, we deliver image data where other cameras fail. TriEye’s vision and remote material sensing capabilities dramatically increase the efficacy of ADAS & AV to prevent accidents & save lives.

SWIR sensing known as a crucial part of the aerospace & defense industries effort to solve the low visibility challenge but failed to reach wide-scale adoption due to its significant cost. TriEye’s nanotechnology breakthrough enables HD CMOS-based SWIR sensing at 1000x cost reduction that will enable the adoption of SWIR for multiple industries.

It was established in 2017 by Avi Bakal (CEO), Prof. Uriel Levy (CTO), Omer Kapach (VP R&D), and is chaired by Dov Moran

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Manufacturer Vision Components


TriEye Ltd.
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