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The K|Lens is a novel patented lightfield technology for any standard camera. It generates 9 images from different perspectives of the scene by taking only one shot of it. With these subviews, we realise 3D inspections especially for small and complex structures. For depth measurings, our software calculates with latest AI methods as well as with mathematical approaches.
The K|Lens system is the perfect fit for 100% automated in-line inspection of small parts with deep-lying structures and high walls. Due to its small size, it even fits into narrow machines spaces. With K|Lens’ AI-based technology, typical imaging problems such as reflections can be avoided. Even under poor lighting conditions, the system inspects reliably and precisely. Due to its one-shot technique, the K|Lens is video-capable, too- this allows for realtime inspections of dynamic processes such as welding.

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K|Lens GmbH
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