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Leading automobile manufacturers around the world trust inos innovative solutions every day – on mission-critical applications!

inos solutions combine state-of-the-art technology with “easy to use” software and intuitive user interfaces. Let inos design the best possible solution for you based upon your specific task.

  • inos solutions are built upon an advanced software architecture, which allows easy setup, efficient data evaluation, and sophisticated root cause analysis.
  • Web-based features are leading the way for Industry 4.0.
  • Extensive family of high-tech sensors can be customized to suit your individual needs.
  • Decades of experience and industry partnerships guide inos research & development and product road maps.
  • Precise, reliable, and robust.

inos is a full-service vision supplier with a wide spectrum of powerful solutions at your disposal:

  • Robot Guidance and Automated Assembly – reliable material handling, de-racking, part positioning, and complex assembly solutions for body shop, paint shop and final assembly.
  • Inline Dimensional Gauging – highly-accurate, 2D and 3D point cloud, thermally compensated solutions available in stationary and robotic configurations.
  • Inline Gap & Flush Measurement – precise, easily correlated, stationary and robotic solutions for moving line and stop-station applications in body shop and final assembly.
  • Build Verification – robust badge and label validations, option assessment, feature inspections, and absence/presence checks for body shop and final assembly
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Industrial Integrator

Application Engineering, Industrial Integration, Maintenance

3D Sensor Head, Inspection 2D, Inspection 3D, Metrology 3D, Quallity Control in general, Robot Guidance 2D, Robot Guidance 3D, Tracking