Falcon Illumination

Machine Vision starts with the Right Light

Falcon Illumination MV GmbH & Co. KG delivers LED lightings for Machine Vision. For most applications of LED lighting used in industrial image processing. Our Lighting is the right choice where quality and variety of available products is concerned. The best quality of the LEDs, extended warranties, high standards of the housings guarantee security for the most varied of applications. Our LED-lighting can be easily integrated in every system. Founded in 2006 the company has established itself. The products were checked by image processing companies and classified as „to buy“.
Falcon Illumination MV GmbH & Co. KG has exclusive distribution rights for Germany and Europe. Our customers purchase ex-works directly with the security of a German counterpart. This is also reflected by low purchase costs. These savings are passed on directly to the customers. The foremost concern of an ambitious manufacturer of LED Lighting is the quality of his products. Flexible and cost effective manufacturing solutions, especially for the image processing industry is one of the strengths of us. Custom made designs are supplied for anything more than 10 units. Falcon Illumination MV GmbH & Co. KG offers best quality of LED’s, short delivery time. It has only one objective: The satisfaction of its customers.

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Manufacturer Vision Components, Other

Application Engineering, Industrial Integration

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