Carl Zeiss AG

ZEISS is a leading international technology group active in the optical
and optoelectronic industry headquartered in Oberkochen, Germany.
Founded in Jena, Germany in 1846, the ZEISS Group now operates in
more than 40 countries and currently has about 27,000 employees.
With its solutions, ZEISS is driving advancement in the world of
optics and helping shape technological progress.
The experience gained in over 100 years of lens development is also
reflected in ZEISS lenses for industrial use. These lenses
deliver excellent results due to their outstanding
imaging performance and precise manual adjustment options.
They particularly stand out thanks to their durability – owing to
their robust metal housing, which withstands shocks. Due to their
low distortion, objects can be detected with precision from different
distances. ZEISS industrial lenses are used to monitor complex production processes
and for quality assurance among other purposes.

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Manufacturer Vision Components


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