Prof. Dr. Bernd Jähne

“My main objective as a member of the EMVA board would be to help EMVA member companies to incorporate newest research results from image processing, computer vision, optics, and photonics into their products to gain competitive advantage over their competitors.
During my first three-year term as member of the board of directors, I initiated the annual European Machine Vision Forum for networking between research and industry (“Where research meets industry”). The forum took place in Heidelberg 2016, in Vienna 2017, and in Bologna 2018. I also proposed a new EMVA standard for open lens-camera communication. I will continue these activities. Additionally, I will focus on a continuous EMVA educational program.”


Short CV

Bernd Jähne is senior professor at Heidelberg University since October 2018, after having served as professor of physics and computer science at the Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR) and the Institute for Environmental Physics of Heidelberg University since 1994. End of 1995, he founded the Heidelberg Image Processing Forum, a continuous education activity (, which has become the major contact forum between research and machine vision industry in Germany. From 2008 to 2017, he was the coordinating director of the Heidelberg Collaboratory for Image Processing (HCI,, one of the Industry-on-Campus Projects of Heidelberg University. He is author of several text books in image processing and computer vision, including the Springer text book on digital image processing published in several editions in German, English and Russian language.
Since 2008 he chairs the EMVA 1288 standardization committee for camera characterization. He serves as a member of the Advisory Boards for the Fraunhofer Vision Alliance and the Karlsruhe School of Optics and Photonics (KSOP) at KIT.