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Z-LASER offers laser source solutions with outstanding beam quality for machine vision applications


Freiburg, Germany – Z-LASER, a leading manufacturer of lasers and laser systems reaches series manufacturing for its ZQ2 laser source. The high power (up to 7000mW / 600-1100nm) and high-precision (Boresight accuracy < 3mrad) laser source system has been new designed. The all-in-one-case solution with integrated optics, electronics and active temperature control comes with a variety of communication interfaces: RS-232, USB, Ethernet, PLC - each of them galvanically isolated.

Outstanding beam quality & laser line performance will also be available - including fiber, homogeneous lines, collimated beam, structured light projections. “The laser source is temperature controlled for improved wavelength stability,” explains Christoph Schlägl, development engineer in microsystems technology, Z-LASER. “Combined with the graphical user interface for power setting and monitoring of all relevant laser parameters the laser can be completely remote-controlled.”

About ZQ2 laser family
The internal design of this laser coupled with its smart monitoring capabilities and integrated thermoelectric cooler allows a very high level of stability and minimum bore sight error. This all-in-one laser system is also suited for use in harsh environments from 0 to 60°C.

Established in 1985, Z-LASER is a recognized developer of laser systems for industrial, medical and laboratory applications. Staffed by a team of creative engineers, Z-LASER finds innovative solutions and applications for optoelectronics and laser technology. For more company information, visit www.z-laser-america.com or read the full press release.

Press Contact

Ralph Tesson, Director, Z-LASER America
Tel:1-800 958-1572