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CoaXPress wins the Vision Award 2009

 The CoaXPress Consortium, of which Active Silicon is a member, has won the 2009 Vision Award for its innovative digital video interface technology. CoaXPress is a revolutionary new digital video interface standard capable of sending high speed video at up to 6.25Gbps, along with control and power over a single conventional 75 Ohm coax cable – at distances of over 100m. It combines the elegant simplicity of coax cable with state of the art high speed serial data technology. It is also scaleable over multiple coax cables which provides a future-proofed solution suitable for high speed video systems of today and well in the future. The award, sponsored by Imaging and Machine Vision Europe, was presented to members of the consortium at a prize-giving ceremony at the machine vision trade fair VISION 2009 in Stuttgart on 3 November. The consortium comprises of Active Silicon, a UK company specializing in frame grabbers and embedded systems, EqcoLogic, a Belgian company specializing in high performance communications devices, Components Express, a US-based cabling specialist; AVAL Data, a leading Japanese frame grabber company, and NED, a Japanese line-scan camera manufacture. The goal of the consortium is to develop the first draft of the CoaXPress specification and then transfer it for standardization. The Japan Industrial Imaging Association (JIIA) has agreed to host the standard, which the AIA and EMVA are free to adopt through the recently signed G3 standards agreement. The interface will be an open standard with no royalties or license fees payable for the use of the technology. Active Silicon has just launched the world’s first CoaXPress frame grabber to use the new standard, and as with other products in Active Silicon’s range, it is available with drivers and software development kits for all the major operating systems – Windows 32 and 64 bit, Linux, MacOS X, VxWorks and QNX. Embedded system versions, such as PC/104-Express and PMC cards will follow on next year along with high speed multi-channel PC card variants. Press Contact: Andrew Buglass Email: marketing@activesilicon.com Active Silicon Limited (www.activesilicon.com) The company, founded in 1988, specializes in the design and manufacture of vision related products and technologies. Today Active Silicon is a leading manufacturer of video acquisition products (“frame grabbers”) and embedded vision systems. These products are used in many areas in science and industry, including the areas of manufacturing, scientific research, medical imaging, security and defense and all based on technologies developed and owned in-house. For technical & sales enquiries, please call – Europe: +44 (0)1753 650600 North America: +1 978 244 0490

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