Welcome to homepage of the GenICamTM standard. The GenICamTM standard group is hosted by the European Machine Vision Association (EMVA).

GenICamTM overview

Today's digital cameras are packed with much more functionality than just delivering an image. Processing the image and appending the results to the image data stream, controlling external hardware, and doing the real-time part of the application have become common tasks for machine vision cameras. As a result, the programming interface for cameras has become more and more complex.

The goal of GenICamTM is to provide a generic programming interface for all kinds of cameras and devices. No matter what interface technology (GigE Vision, USB3 Vision, CoaXPress, Camera Link HS, Camera Link, 1394 DCAM, etc.) they are using or what features they are implementing, the application programming interface (API) should be always the same.

The GenICamTM standard consists of multiple modules according to the main tasks to be solved:
  • GenApi: configuring the camera.
  • Standard Feature Naming Convention (SFNC): standardized names and types for common device features. Includes Pixel Format Naming Convention (PFNC).
  • GenTL: transport layer interface, grabbing images.
  • CLProtocol: GenICamTM for Camera Link.
  • GenCP: generic control protocol.
  • GenTL SFNC: recommended names and types for transport layer interface.
The GenICamTM standard group also provides the GenICamTM reference implementation. The reference implementation (not part of the standard) comes with a BSD-like license and can be freely used by associated members of the GenICamTM standard group.