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CURRERA Smart camera with PC inside

  Range of Machine Vision Smart Cameras based on standard Intel x86 CPU Personal Computer (PC) and packed in a single very compact IP67 class housing. Despite its small size it is a complete Vision System just like the usual Camera bundled with separate PC or Compact Vision System. One can connect all PC standard peripheries: Display, Keyboard and mouse, external storage, or use it in standalone mode, or via Remote Desktop. Variety of leading Imaging processing libraries natively runs directly on the camera including their respective development environments.


Design and Development, Prototype Development, Research


Cameras, Intelligent Cameras/Vision Sensors, Processors and Computer Components


2D Code Identification, 2D Robot Vision, 3D Robot Vision, Barcode Identification, Colour Inspection, Completeness Check and Assembly Control, High-speed Imaging, Inline Robot Vision, Measuring and Comparing 2D, Measuring and Comparing 3D, Optical Character Recognition (OCR/OCV), Print Inspection, Process Control, Quality Inspection, Security and surveillance, Shape Recognition 3D, Surface Inspection of Continuous Material, Inspection of Discrete Parts, Texture Analysis, Track & Trace Solutions, Type Recognition

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