Driver update turns an area scan camera into a line scan camera

German machine-vision specialist IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH (IDS) reports that a simple driver update is all that is required to extend the functional scope of its 1.3-megapixel, global shutter CMOS cameras.

In addition to a multiple AOI mode - with up to four so-called ‘areas of interest’ - the area scan cameras also can be now operated in line scan mode. This makes it possible to use the cameras for line-by-line image capture, with a full horizontal resolution of 1280 pixels, at up to 64 kHz.

After the updated driver (version 3.80) is installed, these new functions are also immediately accessible on cameras of this type - with a USB or GigE connection - which are already being used in the field.

E2v Technologies Plc provides the sensor that is used in IDS’ global shutter CMOS cameras. This sensor combines the advantages of CCD technology, for example, high light sensitivity and colour fidelity, with a fast frame rate of up to 60 fps and the functional benefits of using a CMOS sensor. Available in monochrome and colour versions, the sensor’s global shutter also means that the systems are suitable for capturing images of moving objects.

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