OptoMotive Mechatronics’ Velociraptor camera takes advantage of FPGA technology

OptoMotive Mechatronics Ltd, a Slovenian company specialising in machine vision cameras that are based on field-programmable gate array (FPGA) technology, has launched its new camera family which, it says, has been developed to fill a gap in the market between standard industrial cameras and traditional high-speed cameras with on-board memory.

The company’s Velociraptor camera uses the Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA, has dual DDR3 memory, a high-speed imaging sensor and uses Gigabit Ethernet.

The use of a FPGA also enables other systems to be integrated into the same chip, eliminating the need for a costly and power-hungry personal computer, says the company. The camera is protected by a small, ruggedised, waterproof aluminium housing (measuring 92 mm x 52 mm x 40 mm) with a ball-joint mounting system.

The system uses ‘turbocharged’ CMV2000 (2048 x 1088 pixels) 2/3-inch, or CMV4000 (2048 x 2048) 1-inch, imaging sensors from Belgian company Cmosis, which include a global shutter function, several, high dynamic range modes and an overlapping trigger mode. These sensors are extremely fast and output up to 768 million pixels per second, resulting in speeds of 340 fps (CMV2000) and 180 fps (CMV4000). At a reduced frame size the frame rate can reach 5000 fps.

The camera also has a JPEG compression core that operates at the maximum frame rate. This core was developed especially for the Velociraptor because a core of this type, with sufficient performance, was not available on the market, says the company. It enables extended periods of high-speed video to be recorded and stored. Other real-time image-processing cores are available on demand.

OptoMotive's cameras are suitable for use in demanding applications where high frame-rates, a high processing power and/or an extremely short reaction time together with real-time image processing, are essential. The Velociraptor is suited to a wide range of applications, says the company. It can be used in test and measurement, industrial quality control, traffic monitoring and control, video surveillance and medical applications.

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