Vitronic exhibits its package identification systems at Post-Expo 2011

Vitronic Dr.-Ing. Stein Bildverarbeitungssysteme GmbH used Post-Expo 2011 - an international postal, express and mailing industry exhibition and conference that was held recently in Stuttgart, Germany - to exhibit its high-capacity, camera-based systems that are used to identify packages.

The machine-vision specialist, which is based in Wiesbaden, Germany, says that its auto-ID systems recognise, analyse and evaluate all relevant information in bar codes, 2-D codes, characters, logos and graphics. Important information, such as the volume and the weight of the package, also can be acquired. These data are essential for automatic invoicing and revenue recovery, as well as optimising logistic processes such as loading.

At the heart of the auto-ID systems is the VICAMssi2, a high-speed line-scan camera developed by Vitronic. Now its seventh generation, more than 4000 units have been delivered to customers worldwide.

Auto-ID systems are used by courier, express and parcel delivery companies and in warehouses and distribution applications for data acquisition along the entire process chain.

Vitronic says that its ‘VICAMsnap!’ camera system simplifies goods handling and automates data acquisition. Designed to read bar codes and 2D codes, this compact camera system enables workers to handle goods with both hands. It is installed above the workstation and reads codes while the goods are continuously processed. It saves time, avoids additional materials handling and increases employees’ productivity, says the company.

Irrespective of whether goods are being sorted, picked or stored, the camera reads bar codes automatically and creates images for archiving. Operators pass the goods below the camera - even at high speeds. The reading field has a width of 30 cm, a depth of 30 cm and a height of 38 cm, which means that operators have both hands free for handling the goods. The reading takes place continuously and automatically - manual triggering is no longer required.

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