XIMEA’s Curerra smart camera supports a further three image-processing libraries

XIMEA GmbH’s Curerra smart camera system now supports a further three image-processing libraries.
The company, which is based in Münster, Germany, has added Pinta from Intopii Oy, Aqsense Sl’s SAL3D and Scorpion by Tordivel As to the array of libraries already supported, which currently exceeds 20.

Curerra is an open platform that provides users with unlimited access to image-processing libraries or software packages running under either Windows or Linux.

According to the company, the addition of the Aqsense, Intopii and Tordivel libraries increases the number of tools available to users. The Aqsense software significantly broadens the system’s 3D measuring and inspection capabilities, while the Tordivel package provides a rapid application development tool that does not require any programming. The Intopii software expands the system’s capabilities through its use of neural-network technologies.

“No other company offers such a broad spectrum of image-processing libraries or software packages implemented on one smart camera system,” said Dr Achim Leeser, Chief Operating Officer, XIMEA.

“This is a unique offer, especially for system integrators with a need for a flexible camera system, easily adapted to a variety of different applications.”

Support pages covering Aqsense SAL and Tordivel Scorpion have already been launched on XIMEA’s Web-site – where support pages for many of the other libraries also can be found. A page covering the Intopii Pinta software will be implemented soon, says the firm.

In addition, XIMEA is planning to offer starter kits for the three libraries. As is the case for the starter kit that is offered for the MVTec Halcon library, the software will be pre-installed and the company will supply customers with an evaluation licence from the distributor of the vendor of choice (provided it has the consent of the distributor). Currera camera systems with pre-installed software and run-time licences will be available soon.

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