Adimec expands Quartz camera series with the addition of the Q-4A150

Adimec Advanced Image Systems Bv, which specialises in application-specific, industrial cameras, has introduced the latest member of its CMOS-based Quartz Series - the Q-4A150. 

The firm, which is based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, says the 4-megapixel camera is designed for inspection and metrology applications that require high frame-rates without loss of measurement accuracy. 

The Q-4A150 has a sustained frame rate of 157 fps using an 8 tap Camera Link frame grabber, and reaches 180 fps in burst acquisition mode. This enables the use of 10-tap frame rates in Camera Link 8-tap configurations - eliminating the cost and implementation issues associated with moving to a new configuration. 

“The Q-4A150 fills a void in the high-end camera market with a system that delivers high performance without the need for more expensive interface configurations, such as moving to a 10-tap Camera Link frame-grabber,” explained Marcel Dijkema, who is the strategic product manager at Adimec.

“By decoupling the acquisition speed of the sensor with the interface speed, system developers are able to maximise the speeds they can achieve without increasing infrastructure upgrade costs.” 

Based on the Adimec True Accurate Imaging technology, the Q-4A150 camera delivers CCD-like image quality with 4-megapixel images at a sustained 157 fps. While Camera Link Full is limited by 157 fps, at 4 megapixels, the burst mode of the Q-4A150 delivers up to 180 full fps. This buffered pipeline architecture provides the flexibility to optimise speed, field-of-view and image quality, says the firm. 

The Q-4A150 still offers a range of image-enhancing processing features, such as flat field correction (FFC) and shot noise improvement. The FFC has advanced features for better image uniformity, such as colour support, in-field calibration and multiple stored FFC sets for multiple lens system calibration. The added shot noise reduction delivers an improvement of up to 12 dB, compared with CMOS image-sensor performance.

The camera also offers a high dynamic range (HDR) mode (90 dB) for dynamic capture of large scenes. All image processing is done in real time to ensure high measurement accuracy is achieved without affecting the frame rate.

The camera is available in monochrome or colour versions. As an option, the firm also offers a system with near-infrared (NIR) capabilities.

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