Cognex expands display options for In-Sight vision systems

Cognex Corp has announced a new option to deliver its VisionView operator interface to third-party CE Panels. It has also provided details of the latest release of VisionView.

VisionView CE software can now be licensed and installed directly onto Rockwell and Siemens CE panels, enabling end-users to use existing equipment, thereby reducing ‘monitor clutter’.

In addition to supporting VisionView CE software, VisionView 1.4 - the latest release - adds the functionality to support filtered images, the ability to view the failed image next to the current image, additional touch-screen drivers for the VisionView VGA model and support for Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit).

“VisionView CE software now offers users seamless integration with factory-floor human machine interfaces by enabling them to run VisionView on their own Rockwell and Siemens CE panels,” explained Bhaskar Banerjee, Business Unit Manager, Vision Systems, Cognex.

“The addition of the VisionView CE software model to the product line, as well as the additional software upgrades, makes VisionView the most powerful tool for monitoring and controlling vision applications directly from the factory floor.”

VisionView users can now choose from the four different platforms that are listed below.
  • VisionView CE - The new VisionView CE software option offers all the standard VisionView features and enables operators to view their applications using their existing Rockwell or Siemens CE panels. VisionView CE offers higher performance and the ability to support larger screens while reducing additional monitor clutter.
  • VisionView PC – This software has all the standard VisionView features while enabling users to choose their own PC and monitor.
  • VisionView VGA - This is designed for ‘control room’ viewing of images and results without being limited by the size of the display. The VisionView VGA adapter supports VGA displays of different resolutions, as well as touch-screen displays.
  • VisionView 700 - This is described as a powerful, low-cost operator interface panel that provides password-protected user control to adjust vision tool parameters and regions of interest without requiring a PC to be located on the factory floor.

Specific new features included in VisionView 1.4 are summarised below.
  • A software license is available for third-party CE panels, such as Rockwell PanelViewPlus and Siemens MP-series CE Panels.
  • The ‘last failed image view’ shows the current image and the last failed image side-by-side. End users can compare the current run-time image and the last image that failed within the same view.
  • The ‘filtered image view’ enables filtered images from the camera to be displayed on the VisionView panel. End-users can see the tools being applied to the actual filtered image from the camera.
  • New serial touch-screen drivers have also been added. These are pre-installed to support various touch-screen panels with VisionView VGA.

A trial version of VisionView 1.4 can be downloaded free of charge from the company’s Web-site at the address given below.

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