Rauscher offers high-resolution CMOS cameras for demanding vision applications

German company Rauscher GmbH is offering the latest range of cameras developed by Photonfocus Ag – the MV1-D2080 systems.

The MV1-D2080, 4-megapixel cameras employ a proprietary CMOS sensor that has been newly developed by Photonfocus. It uses the same pixel architecture as the sensors found in the firm’s D1312 series cameras, says Rauscher. The large pixel size of 8 µm, with Linlog active pixel design, enables the cameras to produce images of excellent quality, high dynamic range and high sensitivity - up to 1000-nm wavelength.

The camera firmware includes all the features found in the D1312 series, including black-level correction, single and multiple ROI, digital gain and user-defined look-up tables.

The MV1-D2080 camera is available in two monochrome models: the MV1-D2080-160-CL-12, which is capable of running at 34 fps (12 bit), and the MV1-D2080-240-CL-8, which can operate at 55 fps (8 bit). Both use the ‘‘base’’ Camera Link interface.

The MV1-D2080-240-CL-8 uses a special data-packing format to achieve a data transfer rate of 220 MB/s via the base Camera Link interface - using the interface at close to its maximum capacity.

The base Camera Link interface offers significant advantages in cost and complexity compared with ‘‘medium’’ or ‘‘full’ interfaces that are normally necessary to achieve such data speeds, says the firm.

Other features of the systems include:
*2080 x 2080 pixel resolution, with global shutter;
*high sensitivity over a wide spectral range (350-1000 nm);
*a high dynamic range of up to 120 dB (using LinLog technology);
*up to 12-bit gray-scale resolution, with a good signal-to-noise ratio (SNR);
*high resistance to blooming; and
*on-camera shading correction and 3x3 convolution.

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